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I just wanted to point out that the upload of last nights broadcast is only a minute and 50 seconds long. Is that going to be fixed?
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Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Apparently the shows recorded on Wednesday night are in the same boat. Since our records show full 120 minute recordings I’m hoping the files are safe somewhere, and they’ll be back on the website soon.

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Chauncy Pops tonight from 8-10.  Spooks Holiday with Rileproof

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Duppies and Zombies and Devils, Oh my!

Tune in tonight for my special pre-halloween show, featuring the spookiest songs in the history of Ska, Dub, Reggae, Rocksteady, and Roots. It’s Upsetter! ‘79 live and direct at 10:00 PM PT. 

Only at www.houseofsound.org

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Today: NOON - join me, DJ Cabana, on my weekly show Temptation on this weeks stereophonic tropical holiday to Hawaii


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Upsetter! ‘79 at 10:00

Roots, Rock, Rebel!


Elvisfish says I forgot to tell you where to go:Only on http://www.houseofsound.org


Stay tuned for a trip to the 20s and 30s at Noon on the fish fry!

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Today: NOON - join me, DJ Cabana, for some thrilling chilling sounds on my weekly show Temptation’s special Halloween episode. Listen if you dare!!!!




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