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Are you passionate about music? Are you the first to discover new releases or check out the latest bands? Do you spin late at night for your friends? Maybe you've dreamed of doing that talk show podcast? Well imagine a place where you can play or say whatever you want right here, right now.

That's House of Sound.

We'd like you to join us and you won't be told what you can and can't play. Now quit imagining and apply to be a DJ. Everything else is completely up to you.

“Dj Guaguis @ Zukunft” by Montecruz Foto, used under CC BY / Levels adjusted from original https://www.flickr.com/photos/libertinus/

Dues are for paying station rent and maintaining equipment. Dues mean we don't have to sell out, play ads, or worry about paying for the studio. Occasionally dues are also used for promotional events or other activities that bring new attention and listeners to the station.

Please check the program schedule for an open time slot.

Off air

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Wednesday   7:00pm - 9:00pm

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Call 503-575-9344

Did You Know?
House of Sound is now a 503(c) non-profit which means all contributions are tax deductible!