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No Rules

with Richie Dagger

Fridays from 7:00AM- 9:00AM

I'll play anything, anytime, anywhere you want. EXCEPT music that promotes hate and music that promotes physical sickness. Let me know what you wanna hear, I'll probably play it.




Dr. Feelgood She Does It Right

The Hollywood Brats Sick On You

The Nomads Real Gone Lover (live)

Status Quo Pictures Of Matchstick Men

The Scream New Song

The Oath All Must Die

The Sweet Blockbuster

SHOCK This Generation's On Vacation

The Cure Fire In Cairo (Peel Session)

Nazareth Razamanaz

Alice Cooper 10 Minutes Before The Worms

The King Kahn and BBQ Show Hold Me Tight

Neil Young Cinnamon Girl

VOID Organized Sports

The Lewd Kill Yourself

Psycho Surgeons Horizontal Action

The Dead Boys Won't Look Back

The Beltones Fuck You Anyway

NWA Boys in the Hood (cuts off)?

The Stooges Yer Pretty Face Is Going To Hell

Teardrop Explodes Treason

The Jam Going Underground

Todd Rundgren Hello It's Me

DARKTHRONE Blaze In A Northern Sky

Jason Isbell Super 8

The Gories View From Here

The Dirtbombs Underdog

NICO Strip Tease (Gainsbourg)


Night Birds Born To In Suburbia

Fatal Microbes-Beautiful Pictures

DECRY Falling

CONTROL Keep the Home Fires Burning

The Wild Ones Bowie Man

DEVO Blockhead

Duran Duran Ordinary World

ELVIS COSTELLO Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Daniel Menche Tom Peterson Doesn't Live Here Anymore



The Old Firm Casuals-For The Love Of It All

Steve Earle & The Dukes-Fixin To Die

CHANNEL 3 You make me feel cheap

The Alley Cats-Nothing Means Nothing

Angry Samoans-Get Off The Air

Agnostic Front-United And Strong

Negative Approach-Dead Stop

Cleavers-Commie and Symp

Rubella Ballet-Money Talks

Long Knife-Citadel

Pat Benatar-You Better Run

Johmmy Waleen-Mystery Train

Belle & Sebastian-Lazy Line Painter Jane

The Chiefs-No Justice

The Brilliant Corners-Delilah Sounds

Adam And The Ants-Fall In

Fernando-Fuerza Sin Querer

DOA Nazi Training Camp

The Dirtbombs My Love For You

Tales Of Terror-That Girl

Broken Bones-Decapitated

BOWIE Live At BBC 5 Years

Jethro Skull-Take It Down

The Dils Class War

Brian James- I Can Make You Cry

Celio Balona-Tema De Batman

Slaughter And The Dogs-Run Away (live)

Syd Barrett-Scream Thy Last Scream

Leo Ferre sings Baudelaire-Epigraphe

Antidote-Nazi Youth

Screaming Bloody Marys-Blood Bath

Redd Kross-Cellulite City


The Dicks Shit On Me

Middle Class-Love Is Just A Tool


Dogs-Slash Your Face

Jenny Don't And The Spurs-Ladybird

Revenge 88-Neon Lights

Morrissey Tomorrow (Tom Peck Mix)

Sleaford Mods-Trixie



The Litter Codine

WARBOY SoYou're an Anarchist

The Controllers SLOW BOY

SADO NATION Trouble (Alt.take)

X Home Is Where the Heart is

Frankie Machine and The Stiffs Who's Got The Action?

KINSKI Rhode Island Freakout

Scott Drake and the Worlds Strongest Men Shanghai Cabaret


The Procrastintors I need a disease

Thin Lizzy Don't Believe a Word


Oblivion Seekers Dead Wizards

Lazy Cowgirls Loretta

Onslaught (fade)

Monica Nelson Live from another radio station -Nothing To Fear



Sham 69 We Got A Fight

MULE (Portland) White As A Sheet


Final Warning The Bunker

The Jackals Someone Got Their Head Kicked In (live)

Frances Farmer Gals I've been thinking about my drinking

Heatmiser Lowlife

Saccharine Trust Disillusion Fool

Tom Pig speaks from grave

Sebadoh Too Pure

CLITERATE Looking for the answers


STEVE EARLE and The Dukes Calico County

FANG Destroy The Handicapped

SICK BROADS YouThink You'reThe Best


TAAKE Umenneske

TORPEDOS New Orleans

Mayhem Over The Top (Cuts Off)

The Callas Anger




Tau Cross Deep State

Last Great Dreamers Dope School

The Derelicts I Wanna Get Out

Eddie and The Subtitles-Zombie Drug Killers

Frank Black and The Catholics-Massif Centrale

Dengue Fever-Essay From Dragon House

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan-Who Built The Road

LUSH Out Of Control

Roy Orbison-In Dreams

The Lightning Seeds-Pure

Zeal and Ardor-Come On Down

Discharge-Ain't No Feeble Bastard

Buzzcocks-16 Again

Long Knife-Only A Reflection

Johnny Moped Panic Button

Menace-Insane Society

Penetration-Duty Free Technology

Alan Vega. Alex Chilton & Ben Vaughn Lover Of Love

Wolfbrigade-Warsaw Speedwolf

Consolidated-Guerillas In The Mist (remix)

SuperFurry Animals Organ Yn Dy Geg

Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub-pfirsicheisen

Phillip Boa and the VooDooClub-The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau and his friends

The Count Bishops-I Need You

Richard Hell Going,going, gone

Manifest Destiny Sceamatorium

The Users-I'm Love With Today

The Germs Hang on to Yourself(Live)

I Break Horses-Denial

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds-Dig Lazarus Dig

Naomi Shelton and The Gospel Queens-What Have You Done?

Blitz-45 Revolutions

Raw Power-Fuck Authority

Disorder-Insane Youth

The Lurkers-Jenny

No Control-Johnny

45 Grave - Party Time(single version)

Neo Boys-Give Me The Message

Ty Seagal-The Clock

Killer Mike-Reagan



the reaL kids - all kindsa girls

Agent Orange Too Young To Die

Eddie and the Hot Rods 96 Tears

Rhythm and Blues Inc. Honey Don't

Dump NYC Tonight

Plasmatics Won't You

SNUFF Can't Explain

The Rezillos No

Queen Hammer To Fall

The Damned Smash It Up

MISFIRE Robo Number 7

Discharge Realities of War

Jackson 5 The Love You Save

Justin Heathcliff You Know What I mean

House Of Commons Way Down South

Stars and Stripes Knock em out

The Seniles Last White Christmas

The Hoax Stormtrooper

Protex Just want your Attention

The Faces Pool Hall Richard

Exasperators(?) Diamond in the Rough

Generation X Ready.Steady, Go

The Ransom Niceman Cometh

AK-47 The Badge Means you Suck

The Dickies Nights in White Satin

The Negatives Love is not real

Ice-9 Out,out,out

9 seconds of NohMercy-(maybe next week?)

Paul Revere and The Raiders I'm not your Stepping Stone

CROW Evil Women

The Wedding Present Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft

Big In Japan Nothing Special

Roxy Music Love Is The Drug (live)

Billy Bragg What Side Are You On

David Bowie Fascination



Dictators-Baby Lets Twist

UKSubs-New York State Police

Swell Maps-Fashion Cult


Gas Huffer-Bedtime For Freaky

Svetlanas-Step Back

The Cure-Grinding Halt

Nancy Sinatra-Sugar Town

Pressler Morgan-You're Gonna Watch Me

Tar Babies-Wasted Words

Jane Aire & The Belvederes - When I Was Young

Wipers-Better Off Dead

Bauhaus-Kick In The Eye

Dolly Parton-Daddy Come And Get Me

Shitfucker-Daemonic Rock

Dead Moon-Dirty Noise

Chris Newman-They

George Jones-White Lightining

Raw Meat ~ Stand By Girl

The Sonics - Boss Hoss

The Refuzors-I'm A Refuzor

Naked Raygun-Rat Patrol

Naked Raygun-Backlash Jack(live)

Hamell On Trial-Go Fuck Yourself

Jeff Dahl-Too Much Pilikia

Christian Death-Spiritual Cramp

Apartment 3G-Golden Boy

Jezus and The Gospelfuckers-Alcohol

The Silencers-Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Wild And Frantic-You Little Baby Faced Thing

Trash-Peace Of What?

Felt (featuring Elizabeth Fraser)-Primitive Painters

Ride-Drive Blind

Wildhearts-Sick Of Drugs

Bergerette-J'ay le rebours


Camera Obscura-If Looks Could Kill

Warden and his Fugitives-The World Ain't Changed

Menace-I Need Nothing

These Immortal Souls-Marry Me

Ivan and The Executioners-I Wanna KillJames Tailor

NON-Total War



the stooges - Down On The Street

CCR Fortunate Son

Thee Fourgiven Lost In The Beat

Gang Of Four Naturals Not In It

Judas Priest Tyrant

Membranes Everythings Brilliant

ThePynnacles Into the Stratosphere

New Order Ceremony

Sado Nation Mom and Pop Democracy

Photona Never Now

Baby Huey Listen To Me

The Misfits Cough Cool

Lazy Cowgirls Hybrid Moments

The Need Dear Diary

Fifth Column-------

Capt. Sensible Octopus

No Alternative Johnny Got His Gun

The Slickers Johnny Too Bad

Youth Code Transitions

90 Proof Life

Goldfrapp Utopia

Ayastew Mesfin Hasabe

Ladies on A Fence Purple

Photona Haunted Spaceship in Space

Brain Eno Needle in the Camels Eye

Roxy Music Ladytron

The Contortions Dish It Out

Eyeless In Gaza Priests

Spooky Tooth Society's Child

Sam Coomes The Big Goose Egg



Shocking Blue-Send Me A Postcard

Lords Of Light-Return Of The Lords Of Light

Dead Conspiracy-Cessations

Final Warning-Looking Outside

Black Flag-Life Is Pain

Liliput-DC 10

Procrastinators-Human Garbage

Death Midgets-Death Midgets

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats-Mind Crawler

Dead Conspiracy-Goodnight (Cheap Trick cover)

The Dishrags-Past Is The Past

The Playthings-SitDown

Iron Lords-Breakdown

Terveet Kadet-Oma Koloni

Burning Leather-In The Moonlight

Los Lobos-Viking


Alice Cooper-You Drive Me Nervous

Fernando-Neutral Zone


Poison Idea-Down Again

ELO-In Old England Town

Quasi-It's Raining


Husker Du-Ice Cold Ice

The Dears-Everlasting

Motorhead-No Class

Bobby Soxx-Learn To Hate In The 80's

Bad Brains-Don't Bother Me

Leatherface-Talking Bout ARevolution

Johnny Thunders-You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory



Beach Boys-Don't Worry Baby



Siouxsie & the Banshees - Cities In Dust

Eyelids-Furthest Blue

Svelt-Shrunken Head

Moles-Saint Jack

Miriam-Get Away

Cavemanmish Boys-Come On Baby

Eyelids meets Gary Jarman-(Go On)The First Flight

The Cribs-We Share The Same Skies

Eyelids meets Gary Jarman-We Will Not Apologize


Swingers-One Track Mind

The Jean Paul Sartre Experience-Flex


Chemical People-Shock Me

Agnostic Front-

The Zeros-Handgrenade Heart

The Parasites Of The Western World-Politico

Ice Nine-X Patriots

Saccharine Trust-I Am Right

Chaos UK-Brain Bomb

The Adverts-Quickstep

False Prophets-Overkill

Morrisey-Teenage Dad On His Estate

The Sundown Playboys-Saturday Nite Special

Mott The Hoople-All The Way from Memphis

Beastmilk-Death Reflects Us

Nobodies Children-Good Times


Faith No More-Sunny Side Up

Syphilitic Vaginas-Iron Sabbath


The Lewd-Mobile Home

The Auteurs-Bailed Out(alternate version)



The Hard-Ons Ache To touch you

The Didjits Max Wedge

Fun Things Lipstick

Cosmic Psychos Bullet

The Fields Of the Nephilim -Endemoniada

GISM- Nih Nightmare

Crime SF Doomed

Pegboy Surrender

Butthole Surfers I Hate My Job

Mega City Four Awkward Kid

Girls At Our Best Nowhere Fast

The Mission Over The Hills and Far Away

Gang of 4 Armalite Rilfe

Teddy Robbins and The Playboys Magic Colours

The Glaxo Babies This is your Life

The Geraldine Fibbers Dragonlady

Punishment Of Luxury Puppet Life

Orange Juice Blue Boy

Drum Bunny(Portland) Rhapsody

D.I Hang 10 in East Berlin

X Ray Spex The Day the world turned dayglo

Flipper Ever

The Gun Club Mother of Earth

Angelic Upstarts Police Oppression

The Cravats I Hate The Universe

The Bags (Live) 7+7 is

Guilty Razors Don't wanna be a Rich(?)

Felice Brothers Frankie's Gun

Satyress Night Riders

Marianne Faithfull Heir ou demain

The Only Ones Why Don't You Kill Yourself

The Other Half Mr. Pharmacist

Motorhead Jailbait

The Weirdos Destroy all Music

Super Furry Animals(cuts off)

Eek A Mouse Anarexrol




Goat-Hide FromThe Sun

Lexxi Vexxand The Modern Gentlemen-Eyes Of Satan

Green River-33 Revolutions

Naked Raygun-Knocks Me Down

Sham 69-You're A Better Man Than I

The Birthday Party-The Plague

Mudhoney-Hard On For War


Clash-Complete Control

TSOL-World War III

The Pooh Sticks-On Tapes

Celtic Frost-I Wont Dance

John Doe-A Little Help

Darkthrone-Too Old Too Cold

Brian James-Ain't That A Shame


UK Subs-Warhead

Hard Skin-We Are The Wankers

Sleaford Mods-Tweet Tweet Tweet

Motorhead-Leavin' Here

Moon Duo-Zero

Beck and Emmylou Harris-Sin City

MC5-Sister Anne

The Beast Of Bourbons-Hard For You

Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats-Rocket 88

Terveet Kadet-Viimeinen Rukous

Flesheaters-Twisted Road

Mo Dettes-MasochisticOpposite

Pere Ubu-I Will Wait

Wall Of Voodoo-Back In Flesh

Those Naughty Lumps-Iggy Pop's Jacket

Damned-Wait ForThe Blackout

Allah Las-Had It All

Mutants-Monster Of Love (live)

The Victims-Television Addict

Mad Society-Terminally

The Leather Nun-F.F.A.



Harley Flanagan-Come In Peace

Zero Boys-Civilization Dying

Nabat-Vasco QB

Blackouts-Dead Man's Curve

Spirit-Fresh Garbage

Antiseen-Hippie Punks

White Stain-Taken From Me

My Bloody Valentine-Map Ref. 41N 93W

Woolen Men-Psycho Mafia

Chartbusters-Wreck and Burn


Seniles-Ricky's Hands

Fernando-Rata (cuts off)

This Heat-S.P.Q.R.

Middle Class-Situations

Diamanda Galas-Solo Live In Amsterdam 1984

School Of Seven Bells-Elias

That Petrol Emotion-Catch A Fire

Scheisse Minnelli-Fighting Reality

Motherfucker 666-Dead Flowers

Messer Chups & The Bonecollectors-Cryptobilly Tales

Dug Dug's-No Te Asustes

Public Enemy-Night Of The Living Baseheads

Les Georges Leningrad-Sponsorships

Lama-Mon Pelko

Ronnie Spector-She Talks To Rainbows

Iggy Pop-Some Weird Sin

Generation X-No No No


Legionaires Disease-Rather See You Dead

Barrence Whitfield and the Savages-The Corner Man

Frightnrs-Nothing More To Say

Doc Corbin Dart-Out My Window

The Fall-Last Orders (live)

Really Red-I WasA Teenage Fuck Up

Social Unrest-Making Room For The Youth

Erma Thomas-Ruler Of My Heart



Nihilistics-Death and Taxes

Fartz-Is This The Way?

Rikk Agnew-OC Life

Black Randy & The Metro Squad-Sperm Bank Baby

The Saints-Orstralia

Magazine-From Under The Floorboards

Darkness-Get Your Hands Off My Woman

The Fix-Famous

Killer Of Sheep-Clouds

Adverts-No Time To Be 21

Cockney Rejects-The Rocker

Lush-Outdoor Miner

Claw Hammer- Blank Frank

Gaza Strippers-Lipstick Vogue

The Raconteurs-These Stones Will Shout

Tex &The Horseheads-Slip Away(Sam Cooke)

The Gears-Baby Run Around

Run The Jewels-Talk To Me

Tav Falco-Sway

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel-Make Me Smile

Pere Ubu-Street Waves

White Stains-Death At Hand

UK Subs-Tomorrows Girls

Genocide-Overthrow The Government

Current 93 with Nick Cave and The BadSeeds-All The Pretty Little Horses

Fleas and Lice-Up The Punx

De La Soul-Say No Go (remix)

Frightwig-Public Baths(Shonen Knife cover)

The Human League-The Sound Of The Crowd

Penetration-Stone Heroes (live)

Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band-Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles

Cat's Eyes-Sunshine Girls


Alejandro Escovedo-Horizontal

Charlie Feathers-One Hand Loose

Fatal Microbes-Beautiful Pictures

Loudon Wainwright III-Pretty Good Day

Killing Joke-Wardance



Naked Raygun-Treason


The Rubbers-Riot Squad

Clawhammer-Pumping My Heart

Husker Du-Eight Miles High

Ty Segall-Break a Guitar

Phillip Boa-Diana

Redd Kross-Jimmy's Fantasy

AKA-Tomorrows Theme

Subhumans-Let's Go Down To Hollywood and Shoot People

Subhumans-Behind The Smile

Shattered Faith- I Love America

Jaybee Wasden-De Castrow

Noh Mercy-Caucasian Guilt

The Nuns-Decadent Jew

Type O Negative-Everyone I Love Is Dead

State-No Illusion

Generation X-Night Of The Cadilacs

UXA-Social Circle

Roky Erickson and The Explosives-Don't Shake Me Lucifer-

Vox Pop-Just Like Your Mom

Aerosmith-Mama Kin

Imperialist Pigs-Perish

Ride-Drive Blind

Buck Owens-My Heart Skips A Beat

Toilet Boys-Heartstopper

Dead Conspiracy-Blood Everywhere

Altered Images-Dead Pop Stars

The Users-Sick Of You

New Age Steppers-Fade Away

Gas Huffer-A Disgruntled Ex Employee

GirlsOn Top-We Don't Give A Damn About Our Friends

Manufactured Romance-You.




Radio Birdman/New Race

MIA/Tell Me Why

Top Down/SilverAshes

Stiff Little Fingers/Bloody Sunday

High On Fire/The Face Of Oblivion

DNA/Egomaniacs Kiss

Camera Obscura/Lets Get Out Of The Country

Mars/Puerto Rican Ghost

Augustus Pablo/Pablo Meets Mr Bassie

Avengers/Thin White Line

Chrissy Zebby Tembo/Trouble Maker

Sex Crime/I Am An Observer

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band/Plastic Factory

Francoise Harding/Tont De Belles Choses....

Wire/A Question Of Degree

Def Leppard/Let It Go

Black Flag/I've Heard It Before

The Rolling Stones/Starfucker

Fad Gadget/The Box

Detox/Child For One

TexAnd The Horseheads/Chicken Bounty Hunter

Love - A Message to Pretty

Buffalo Springfield/Mr Soul

ATV/Viva La Rock N Roll

The Blood/Megalomania

Wat Tyler/Not Superstitious

Rik L Rik/Black And Red

Screamers/Beat Goes On

ToxicHolocaust/Life Is ALie

Metal Urbain/Hysterie Connective

Amadou & Mariam/Mon Amour

Johnny Moped/Make Trouble

Politics/Girls At Our Best

Howling Wolf/300 Pounds Of Joy

Dr Alimantado/Can't Conquer Natty Dreadlocks

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