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Here's your chance to Face The Music from Metrotownopolis. Grab-Bag O' Sounds from a coupla clowns.........And if school's in session, you'll get the lunch menu, too!

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Bobby Rush - Catfish Stew

Widowmaker x O/F - The Waresaw Contract

GOAT - Trouble In The Streets

CHILL - Take It From The Blind Side

Cheeky Blakk - Terk Something

Shady Groove - Hey / Grooven That Body

Wicked Witch - Y Would U Call It Rock

*Bumper: Andrew Belling - Wizards OST "Gathering Of The Heavies/The Charge Of The Heavy Brigade"

Steve Earle - Guitar Town

Mad Macka - Bored!

Little Mac - Don't Come Back

Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens - Streets Of Bakersfield

T.V. Killers -Il Ne Se Passe Rien

*Bumper: Andrew Belling - Wizards OST "WarAgainst Peace"

Saccharine Trust - Birthing Of Ancestors

Alan Vega - Motorcycle Explodes

Tobin Sprout - Heavenly Bones

Dead Heavens - Adderall Highway

PiL (Public Image Ltd.) - Home Is Where The Heart Is

*Bumper: Andrew Belling - Wizards OST "Moving Out"

The C.O.D.'s - She's Fire

halo of flies - Jagged Time Lapse (John's Children)

The Five Fleets - Oh What A Feeling

The Weirdos - Why Do You Exist?

SWEET - Restless




The throbs - Girl Don't Waste Your Tears

Guided By Voices - Knife City

The Dance Asthmatics - Oedipus

jack o' fire - 12XU

*Bumper: Widowmaker x O/F - Blood Moon

lee moses - Got That Will

Fiona Apple - Criminal

Rocky Lane & Vernon Miller with Joe & His Troubadors - Crazy Road Hog

Songhoy Blues - Hometown



Thomas Dean - "Oh Babe"

Maria Elena & The Sunglows - Sick & tired

Good Time Charlie - Staggerlee

Sam Frazier, Jr. - Take Me Back

Mad Mack (John McKeering) - Everything's Fine

*Bumper: John Williams - JAWS OST "Main Theme"

Ghetto Brothers - Viva Puerto Rico Libre

Betty Davis - Anti Love Song

Nina Simone - Backlash Blues

Love - She Comes In Colors

Cheap Trick - Elo Kiddies

*Bumper: Betty Davis - If I'm In Luck, I MightGet Picked Up

M.O.T.O. - It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake

Gino And The Goons - Shake It!

Fu Manchu (The Covers) - D.O.A. (Van Halen) / When The Shit Hits The Fan (Circle Jerks)

Gibson Bros. - Caught In A Dream

*Bumper: Andrew Belling - Wizards OST "The Story Begins/Scortch 3000 Years Later...."

Pinetoppers - Shout Bamalama

Dan & Dale - Robin's Theme

The Hi-lites- woke up this morning

Anthony Lamont - Benny The Skinny Man

Ike Perry & The Lyrics - AtThe Party

The Dance Asthmatics- PG

Sex Tide - Right Time

Robert Quine - A sequence of 7 solo "mood clips"

Richard Hell - Reading from his jpurnals for June 7, 2004, the day Robert Quine's suicided body was discovered. And from 2 and 6 days later, June 9 & 13, 2004.

Anxiety- Addicted To Punishment

Ex-Cult - Panic In Pig Park

Saccharine Trust - The Sinister Rain

*Bumper: Widowmaker x O/F - Days Off

The Queen Annes- I Thought Of You

Thee Flypped Whigs- Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

The Mickey Finn- Time To Start Loving You

The Backgrounds- Day Breaks At Dawn

The Move - California Man



Good Time Charlie - If You Can't Help Me Baby

Rev. Pearly Brown, Georgia Street Singer - Nobody's Fault But Mine

North Mississippi All-Stars - 61 Highway

Charlie Pickett & the eggs - Feelin'

Shoes - Tomorrow Night

*Bumper: Napoleon Strickland - Soft Black Jersey Cow

Eddie Bo - A Heap See (But A Few Know)

Aaron Neville - Speak To Me

The Centuries - I Won't Stop Lovin' You

Jessie Mae Hemphill - Eagle Bird

The Monkeywrench - One Step Closer (Live, Poison 13 cover)

*Bumper: Sid Hemphill - The Devil's Dream

Songhoy Blues - Dabari

Hampton Grease Band - Maria

The Daily Flash - Jack Of Diamonds

The Como Mamas - I Know I've Been Changed

Sam Frazier, Jr. - Drippin' Honey

*Bumper: Sid Hemhill - After The Ball Is Over

Protoculture - Dual Colony

Eat Hot Lead - I Ain't Scared

Screamers - Magazine Love (live at the whisky, 9-14-78)

Fugazi - "Margin Walker"

The Fluid - "Madhouse"

*Bumper: Hampton Grease Band - Halifax

Jeff Johnson - Believe In You / Call Of Submission

Teenage Jesus + The Jerks - Baby Doll

steve mackay - the prisoner (vocals by Ypsi Jim)

High Beams - Look At Her Run

*Bumper: United Scum Soundclash - Sevad Kooh

Bukka White - Drunken Leroy Blues

Mississippi John Hurt - Monday Mornin' Blues

Skip James - Cypress Grove Blues

R.L. Burnside - Nine Days In Jail

Houston Stackhouse - Cry on! Cry on!

David "Honeyboy" Edwards - Hot Springs (Arkansas) Blues



Donny Hathaway - The Ghetto

James Luther Dickinson - Wine

Professor Longhair - Everyday, Everyday

Songhoy Blues - Sahara (feat. Iggy Pop)

Sam Frazier, Jr. - I Don't Want Another Love

*Bumper: Al Hirt - September Song

JJ & The Real Jerks - Out Of My Means

Male Gaze - Keep Yr Kools

Jeff Johnson - Warm Wine / Preface

nots - Cruel Friends

The Nitwitz - Black Name Ringing / Get There First

*Bumper: Al Hirt - The Girl From Ipanema

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Fire

mudhoney - She's Just Fifteen

Allen Toussaint - Last Train

The Last Poets - Jones Comin Down

Poison Idea - No Hope

*Bumper: Al Hirt - Sugar Lips

Greg Cartwright - Love Wopn't Leave You A Song

Sex Tide - Great Black Swamp

Jay Hawkins - Talk About Me

Marty Stuart And His Fabulous Superlatives - Jailhouse

Shoes - Too Late

*Bumper: Al Hirt - Night Life

Queen - Tie Your Mother Down

Cold Blood - You Got Me Hummin

The Posies - Smash It Up (The Damned)

The Neat - You Are All I Need

Cat Stevens - Miles From Nowhere

Dolly Parton - Puppy Love

*Bumper: Al Hirt - New Orleans, My Home Town

The Five Fleets - Oh What A Feeling

The Mighty Groundhogs - Death Of The Sun

Graham Parker - Women In Charge

D'Angelo - Devil's Pie / Left & Right

Valerie June - Astral Plane

*Bumper: Valerie June - Shakedown

Hall & Oates - Sara Smile

Jook - King Capp

Redd Kross - Peach Kelli Pop

Halo Of Flies - Death Of A Fly



The Rays - Daddy Cool

The Parliaments - Good Old Music

Love - A Message To Pretty

T.R. And The Yardsmen - I Tried

Thee Midniters - Evil Love

*Bumper: T.R. And The Yardsmen - Movin' Up

Lazy Smoke - Salty People

The Ascots - Summer Days

Love - My Flash On You

The Lyres - I Confess

Sweet - No You Don't

*Bumper: Buppah Saichal - Roob Lor Thom Pai (Thai Pop!)

Mouse And The Traps - A Public execution

Pandoras - In And Out Of My Life (In A Day)

Hunger - Colors

The Go - Meet Me At The Movies

North Mississippi All-Stars- Miss Maybelle

*Bumper: Les Brown, Jr. - Drum's Safari

Flying Burrito Bros.- Christine's Tune

Kevin Morby - Caught In My Eye

Junior Kimbrough - Feels So Good #1

Pilot - Magic

The Skatalites - Lucky Seven

* Roland Al and theb Soul Bros. Miss Skalculation

Bukka White - Fixin' To Die

Mississippi John Hurt - Staggerlee

Skip James - All Night Long

R.L. Burnside - My Black Name A Ringin'

Rev. Gary Davis - Mornin' Train

*Bumper: The New Dawn - New Dawn

Outkast - Gasoline Dreams

Time Zone - Wildstyle Rap

MIA - Galang ( Cavemen Mix)

David "Honeyboy" Edwards - Must I Break 'Em On Down

Furry Lewis - SeeThat My Grave Is Kept Clean

Little Brother Montgomery - Muleface Blues

Houston Stackhouse - Sweet Black Angel

Sam Frazier, Jr. - Mama Said She Ain't Here

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