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Here's your chance to Face The Music from Metrotownopolis. Grab-Bag O' Sounds from a coupla clowns.........And if school's in session, you'll get the lunch menu, too!

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Easy Action - Do Or Die

FEAR feat. JOHN BELUSHI - Neighbors

LYDIA LUNCH RETROVIRUS - Love Split with Blood

REDD KROSS - Switchblade Sister

Jon Spencer - Hornet

Bumper* - The Freddy Finkhauser Four - Saturday Night

kurt vile - Check Baby

Headdress - Skydive

Agitation Free - You play for us today

The Black Angels - Black Grease

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - The River

Bumper*- Wolf Eyes

Dave Alvin And Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Silverlake

Liz Brasher - Body Of Mine

calvin johnson - wherefore art thou

Erika Wennerstrom - Twisted Highway

Warm Drag - cruisin' the night

*Bumper: Bayete - The Time Has Come

Red Red Meat - Oxtail

Sonic Youth - Expressway To Your Skull

Pink Floyd -Set The Controls For The Center Of The Sun

Wipers - When It's Over

Months - Annihilation

Bumper* - Wolf Eyes

Junkpile Jimmy - Existential Dread

Junkpile Jimmy - Shed Blood Total War

Junkpile Jimmy - Priest Of Set



Hank Williams - Fan It (1938 recording!)

Kim Fowley - The Trip

Deep Soul Cole - Poverty Shack (1964)

The Chocolate Watchband - Secret Rendezvous (Dirty Water Records)

On-Air Interview with Luke Strahota and Tim Abbott of The Chocolate Watchband

The Chocolate Watchband - Baby Blue

The Chocolate Watchband - I'm Not Like Everybody Else

The Daggs - You Don't Know

Ronnie Cook and the Gaylords - Goo Goo Muck

Moon Duo -Free The Skull

Echo and the Bunnymen Going Up

Syd Barrett - Opel

Bumper* -Banana Splits- We'reThe Banana Splits

Q65 - And Your Kind

Bob Seger & The Last Heard - Chain' Smokin'

the real kids - Hot Dog

Ty Segall - I'm A Man (Spencer Davis Group)

Buffalo Springfield - Mr. Soul

The Chocolate Watchband - I Ain't No Miracle Worker

the stooges - little doll

*Bumper: Samson And Delilah - There's A DJ In YourTown

BadBrains -How Low Can A Punk Get?

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Call On Me

Cheap Trick -Stiff Competition

Sonics - Psycho

Wanda Jackson - Hard Headed Woman



Richard Hell And The Voidoids - The Blank Generation

Rik L. Rik - I Got Power

The Side Eyes - Get Me Out

The Scientists - Pissed On Another Planet

BOSS - I'm The Dog (You're The Ball)

*Bumper: The Gangsters - Le Funk

The Kinks - I NeedYou

The Fall - Marquis Cha Cha

The Muffs - Laying In A Bed Of Roses

Johnny Kidd and The Pirates - Please Don't Touch

The Charmers- I Was Wrong

Bumper* Satans Pilgrims - Dilation

lucero - Hello My Name Is Izzy

The Louvin Brothers - The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea

Ty Segall - St. Stephen (Grateful Dead)

the real kids - The Girl Don't Get Me

The Chesterfield Kings - I Cannot Find Her

*Bumper: The Gangsters - Lester's Theme

Flower Travellin' Band - Satori Part 1

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard ~ Robot Stop

Selda - Bundan Sonra

Roxy Music - All Want Is You

Joy Division - Transmission

Bumper* - Satans Pilgrims -Night Of The Face

James Booker - Feel So Bad

Brant Bjork - Swagger & Sway

Timmy's Organism - Spirit Spiller

Mark Lanegan - Nobody Home (Pink Floyd's The Wall)

Van Duren - Grow Yourself Up

*Bumper: Deniz Tek

NEO BOYS- In Disguise

Calamity Jane - Say It

Wipers- Now Is The Time

Sex Crime-All Systems No

The Sunsets - I Want Love

Bumper* Satans Pilgrims - In The Past

SUNNYBOYS - Alone With You

HITMEN - Big Love



Radio Birdman - I-94

Dinosaur Jr. - Tiny

Ty Segall - Low Rider (WAR)

NO JOY - Hawaii

Urge Overkill - All Worked Out

*Bumper: The Nevegan's - One Armed Bandit

The Weeds - Little Girl

The Litter- Action Women

Black Merda - Over and Over

Amy Winehouse - Valerie (1968 version)

The Headcoatees - Swallow My Pride

*Bumper: Hot 8 Brass Band

Circle Jerks - Rats Of Reality

MC5 - Looking At You

Margo Price - Weakness

Western Star - Coast To Coaster

Lucero - Everything Has Changed

*Bumper: Deniz Tek - The Barrens

Greg sage - Blue Cowboy

Thin Lizzy - Honesty Is No Excuse

Los Saicos - ANA

Baby Jean - If You Wanna

Patrizia and Jimmy - Trust Your Child Pt. 1

Bumper * - Deep City Band - I Am A Good Man

the real kids - Let Me Convince You

Marissa Nadler - Interlocking

Javier Escovedo - Gypsy Son

Timmy's Organism - Selfish Little Queen

SNFU - He's Not Getting Older, He's Getting Bitter

*Bumper - Shells

Vashti Bunyan - Rose Hip November

Bright Black Morning Light - Everybody Daylight

American Music Club - What The Pillar Of Salt Held Up

The Counts - The Enchanted Sea

WIPERS - Potential Suicide

Radio Birdman - Descent Into The Maelstrom



MC5 - Kick Out The Jams!

Tony Joe White - Cool Town Woman

Barbara Lynn - You're Gonna Need Me

The Stroke Band - Fiction / Non-Fiction

Tamam Shud - Lady Sunshine

Sister Pauline Trotter - "Satan Ain't Nothing But A Bomb"

Barry Brusseau - Shine

Townes Van Zandt - For The Sake Of The Song

Mitski - Old Friend

Them - I'm Gonna Dress In Black

The Ramones - I Don't Wanna Go In The Basement

The Soul Searchers - Funk To The Folks

Gip Roberts - Ode To Life (Part 1)

Sonny Joe Ivory - Ruby And The Gambler

Roman Conaway - Trudy Girl

MELVINS with Al Cisneros - Sabbath Blooody Sabbath

*Bumper: Shells - North Shore

Todd Rundgren _ Is it My Name

The Pogues - Billy Bones

The Country Dudes - Have A Ball

Lazy Smoke - There Was A Time

Psychedelic Furs - Soap Commercial

Timmy's Organism - Guzzle Gasoline

CARBONAS - (Your Love Is) Inside Out

scott morgan - Mom, Scott's Smoking

Javier Escovedo - Bad And Good

Brant Bjork - Mankind Woman

Bikini Kill - Feels Blind

The Bell Rays- Testify

Dead Moon - Dagger Moon

Frantics- Werewolf

The Clean - Point That Thing Somewhere Else



MC5 - Looking At You (for RM! Ramalamafafafa!)

Gino And The Goons - Wrong Side .... Early Retirement

SCIENTISTS - Mini Mini Mini

ANTiSEEN - On Fire (Knifedance, Cleveland, OH)

GOGGS - Disappear

*Bumper: Library Of Sands - Bowing In The Mountain

Bo Diddley - Hong Kong, Mississippi

Kermit Ruffins with the Rebirth Brass Band - Here To Stay

Swamp Dogg - $$$ Huntin'

Darryl Jenifer Universal Sound - Intro / Black Judas

Ural Thomas & The Pain - The Right Time

*Bumper: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Purple Afternoon

Mudhoney - Paranoid Core

The Bluestars - Social End Product

Mark Lanegan Band - Torn Red Heart

Adam's House Cat - Town Burned Down

Dead Moon - Running Scared

*Bumper: Deniz Tek - The Barrens

Tony Joe White - Bad Mouthin'

Billy Don Burns - Your Mama's Eyes

Townes Van Zandt - Dollar Bill Blues

Emmy Lou Harris - Paddy

Steve Young - Montgomery In The Rain

*Bumper: Deniz Tek - Boneyard

IV - Magnesium

Predator - No Face

Violence Creeps - Nephew Melting

The Reekers - I Can't Believe


*Bumper - The Reekers - Don't Call Me Fly Face

Brant Bjork - Nation Of Indica

Jake Xerxes Fussell - Have You Ever Seen Peaches Growing On A Sweet Potato Vine?

Sturgill Simpson - Long WhiteLine

Pete Krebs - Demon For A Day



MC5 - Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa (Rocket Reducer #62) - Live at Herouville Castle, 1972

PJ Soles - Rock 'N' Roll High School

DEVO - Come Back Jonee

Cheap Trick - Downed

Patti Smith Group - Pumping (My Heart)

*Bumper: The Protein Bros - Cholo

Sonic's Rendezvous Band City Slang (Live)

The Paley Brothers / RAMONES - Come On Let's Go

scott morgan - radio revolution

the stooges - lost in the future

Jimi Hendrix - Freedom

*Bumper: Ravi Shankar LIVE at the Monterey International Pop Festival

T-Rex - Telegram Sam

Billy F Gibbons - Hot Rod

jobriath - Space Clown

? and the Mysterians - "8" Teen


*Bumper: Ravi Shankar LIVE at the Monterey International Pop Festival

Gino And The Goons - I Won't Fall In Love

HOT LUNCH - Haul Of Meat

Brant Bjork - Charlie Gin

Scientists - Braindead (Resuscitated)

Javier Escovedo - Don't Tell Me Lies

*Bumper: Ravi Shankar LIVE at the Monterey International Pop Festival

VKTMS - No Long Good Byes

Margo Price - Hurtin On The Bottle

Stimulators - You Will Never Break My Heart

Liz Brasher - Cold Baby

Sir Douglas Quintet - She's About A Mover

Sonic's Rendezvous Band - Dangerous

Sonic's Rendezvous Band - Let's Do It Again




The Dragons - Elephant Stomp

The Sunrays - I Live For The Sun

Tamam Shud - Sea The Swells

corky carroll & friends - Easy Ride

Brian Cadd - Sure Feels Good

The Sunsets - Windansea

*Bumper: FARM - Crystal Shingles

FARM - Animal

Crystal Voyager Band - Junkyard I

Joyous Noise Musical Ensemble - Rock And Roll Cowboys

HONK - Pipeline Sequence

TULLY - Down To The Sea / Sea Of Joy (Part 2)

The Bozone - Sugar In My Coffee

*Bumper: Dennis Dragon - Aerials to the Earth Suite

Tamam Shud - Music Train / Evolution

The Protein Bros. - Drainpipe (Vocal)

Mike Sena of Mantrasound - We Are Whole (Bali High)

Crystal Voyager Band - Space And Time

The Dragons - Food For My Soul

The Protein Bros. - Cholo

Bitchin Bajas - La Or (Sailing a Sinking Sea)

Matt Costa - Born In My Mind

Thee Oh Sees - Palace Doctor

Galaxie 500 - Listen, The Snow Is Falling

The Entrance Band - In The Key Of Sea

Andrew Kidman - Moonshiner

Jonathan Cain Band - Aussie Power

The Sandals - Theme From The Endless Summer

John Coltrane - Untitled Original 11383 (Take 01)

Thanks to Eric Shea in The Bay and to Tim Kerr for the inspiration!



Davie Jones And The King Bees - Little Liza Jane

PLUGZ - Let Go

GOGGS - Billy Is A Runaway (Iggy Pop / Scott Thurston)

PiL (Public Image Ltd.) - Flowers Of Romance

Patsy's Rats - Nowhere Close

*Bumper: The Entrance Band (with Cheech & Chong)

Cave Dwellers - Run Around

The Jubirt Sisters - Satisfaction

Tommy McCook & The Supersonics ~ Ska Jam

Cookie Gabrial - I'll Never Love Again

Buck Owens - Take It Easy

Bumper* - Slow Train To Yesterday

Bill Tyler - Blue Dawn

Scientists - SurvivalsKills

Dead Moon - We Won't Change

Eddie And The Subtitles - American Society

Smokey - Piss Slave (Derek & Clive Remix)

Smokey - Piss Slave (Derek & Clive Remix + Original version)

Smokey - Piss Slave (Derek & Clive Remix + Original version)

Smokey - Piss Slave (Derek & Clive Remix + Original version)

Smokey - Piss Slave (Derek & Clive Remix + Original version)

Smokey - Piss Slave (Derek & Clive Remix + Original version)



The Rolling Stones - Shattered

The Sunsets - Uptight, Out Of Sight (single version)

Valerie June - Shakedown

jACK O'fIRE - 12XU

Dead Moon - Pushin' Too Hard

*Bumper: Yawning Man - Black Kite

T. Rex - Buick Mackane

Sweet - No You Don't

Sweet - Little Willy

Goat - I Sing In Silence

Ali Farka Toure - Kady

Bumper* - Slow Train To Yesterday

Donny Hathaway - The Ghetto (Part 1)

Buddy Milles Express - My Chant

Scientists - Braindead (Resuscitated)

Easy Action - Already Alright / Better Off Dead

Top Down - Tight As A Fist

*Bumper: Peter Nero - Space Flight

Sam and Dave - Wrap It Up

Etta James - Trust In Me

Barrington Levy ~ Poor Man Style

Rico - Jungle Music

The Slickers Johnny Too Bad

Bumper* - Slow Train To Yesterday

Yawning Man - Catamaran (2018)

Lucero - Among The Ghosts

big boys - Complete Control

SLOW - Out Of The Cold

Kurt Vile (GUNN VILE) - Way Back Then

*Bumper: BENNI - The Return (Part 1)

Black Angels - Manipulation

Meat Puppets - We're Here

Jacky Lee- Misery

Emmylou Harris - Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down

Merle Haggard - I'm Gonna BreakEvery Heart I Can

Bumper * - Slow Train ToYesterday



The Killer Whales - What You Goin' To Do

The Bozone - Zorro's Revenge

Kadhja Bonet - AnotherTime Lover

Grease Band - Laugh At The Judge

Jeffrey Lee Pierce - Love Circus

*Bumper: Rick Henn & Company - Squeeze Box (A Sea For Yourself OST)

Mr. Airplane Man ~ You Do Something

Tommy Jay / Mike Rep - Box Boy

LUMP - Late To The Flight

Guided By Voices - You Own The Night

May Arden - wrong

GHETTO BROTHERS - You Say That You're My Friend

*Bumper: Mike Costa - Modjeska (Orange Sunshine OST)

Sleep - Giza Butler - The Scientist

MELVINS - Prenup Butter

Amanar - Majrad Ajen

Lavender Flu - Like A Summer Thursday

Corrina Repp - A Silhouette As A Sound

*Bumper: Yawning Man - Dots, Lines and Mesh / Faith Cakes

Yawning Man - Catamaran (1986, The Birth of Sol)

Tammy Grimes - Where The Wild Things Are (Maurice Sendak)

Harlan T. Bobo - Ghost

The Queen's Things - Pretty Bird

Baby Huey - Hard Times

Ben E. King - It's All Over

*Bumper: Kid Thomas - Shake It And Break It



Charles Brown - Merry Christmas Baby

The Creamers - Father Christmas (The Kinks)

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes - Christmas Alone

r.e.f.m. (Patti Smith Group) - White Christmas

Groovie Ghoulies - Christmas On Mars

*Bumper: Vince Guaraldi Trio - Linus And Lucy

Shonen Knife - Space Christmas

Redd Kross - Super Sunny Christmas

Nathaniel Mayer ~ Mr. Santa Claus

Dead Moon - Christmas Rush (RIP Fred & Andrew)

The Lazy Cowgirls - Sock It To Me, Santa

*Bumper: Booker T. & The M.G.s - Silver Bells

Red Red Meat - Welcome Christmas

Calexico Iron and Wine - Sixteen Maybe Less

The Pogues - New York Fairytale

Elvis Presley - Santa Claus Is Back In Town

Louie Prima And The New Orleans Gang - What Will Santa Claus Say When He Sees Everybody Swinging

Little LaTour & The Sulphur Playboys - Ho Ho Ho Babe

FEAR - Another Christmas Beer

Jacob Miller- On The Twelve Day Of Ismas (Natty Christmas)

Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby

Holly Golightly - Christmas Tree On Fiire

*Bu,per: Bobby Powell - Bing Bong

Beatles - Xmas single

Thurl Ravenscroft - Your A Mean One Mr. Grinch

Amos Milburn - Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Lionel Hampton Orch - Boogie Woogie Santa Claus

Keith Richards - Run Rudolph Run

Drunken Prayer (Morgan Geer) - It's Christmastime

The Greedies - A Merry Jingle

Poison Idea - Santa Claus Is Back In Town

Jenny Don't & The Spurs- Holiday Tears

Eazy-E - Merry Muthafuckin' Xmas

*Bumper: Lloyd Glenn - Sleigh Ride

Lavender Diamond - The Song Of Impossible Occurances

Eli Cook - Christmas Tears

The Movement -The Little Drummer Boy



Deep Soul Cole - Poverty Shack (1964)

The Weeds - It's Your Time (1966)

Lollipop Shoppe - You Must Be A Witch (1968)

Lollipop Shoppe -Mr. Madison Ave. (Angels From Hell OST, 1968)

Lollipop Shoppe - Through My Window (1969)

Weeds - Don't Look Back

The Rats -Panic On 39th

Dead Moon - Dagger Moon

Dead Moon - Graveyard

Lollipop Shoppe - It's Makin' It

The Weeds - Stop (1971)



The Desperate Edge - Frustration (1984)

The Western Front - Orygun (1985)

*Bumper: Lollipop Shoppe - Underground Railroad

The Weeds - Who'll ReadThe Will

Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night

The Rats - I Wanna Be You Man

The Rats - Teenagers

Lollipop Shoppe - Don't Close The Door On Me




DEAD MOON - These Times With You

DEAD MOON - POOR BORN (LIVE at Yo Yo A Go Go, 1997)

Dead Moon- Evil Eye

Lollipop Shoppe - Baby Don't Go

Dead Moon - Dead In The Saddle

Dead Moon - Time Has ComeToday

ZIPPER - Born Yesterday (1975)

Dead Moon - Ahhh Shit! 50/40 or FIGHT!


The Hellacopters - Rescue


DEAD MOON - UNKNOWN PASSAGE (Fred, we'll see you on the other side!)



Misfits - Halloween I

T. Tex Edwards - Jeckyll & Hyde

the cowboys - hands of love (around my throat)

Bully - Hate And Control

Napalm Beach - She's A Carnival

*Bumper: The Dragons - Troll

Coil - Ubu Noir

Freddy and rhe Hitchhikers - Sinners

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Sinister Purpose

The Misfits - American Nightmare

The Shaggs - It's Halloween

Jack O' Fire - Ain't Superstitious

Gene Simmons - Haunted House

Clarence Carter - Why Do I Stay Here And Take This Shit From You?

The Sunrays - I Live For The Sun

The Dootz - A.C.N.E. (I've Got Acne)

*Bumper: The Dragons - Elephant Stroll

The Fall - Lay Of The Land

Reigning Sound - Straight Shooter/ Time Bomb High School

U-men - Gila

Scratch Acid - Cannibal

Bumper - Birthday Party - Dead Joe

WORKDOGS - Haunted House Of Love (Bond side)

Loretta Lynn - Tha Haunted House

The Wolfmen - Insane In An Insane World


DEAD MOON - I'm Not Afraid

*Bumper: Spooky Stuff for Hallowe'en

Moses Sumney - Don't Bother Calling

Run The Jewels - Hey Kids

The Count Of Monte Cristo - Wolf Dub

My Bloody Valentine - Soft As Snow

Die Kreuzen - Number Three

Bumper* - The Runabouts - The Strangeness in Me

Hex City - Hainted

"The Cool Ghoul" John Zacherle - Dinner with Drac (Pt.1)

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