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Bootyscooter Fun Time Show!

with Sean

Saturdays from 2:00PM- 4:00PM

Spend a couple hours with your host Sean as he digs through his stacks of vinyl in search of the most fuzz damaged rawk, raw groove goodness, whiskey soaked country moaning, and whatever else he finds in there that strikes his fancy. Ol' timey possum huntin' sing-a-longs, 70's chase scene film scores, and opiate addled eastern drone can all be found here, as well as whatever the kids are listening to today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

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The Pretty Things ~ I'm Your Man

The Raveonettes ~ That Great Love Sound

Thee Oh Sees ~ Peanut Butter Oven

The Strange Boys ~ This Girl Taught Me A Dance

The Dirtbombs ~ No Expectations


The Kinks ~ It's Alright

Raymond Lefevre ~ If I Were A Carpenter

The Supremes ~ Shine On Me

Artist Unknown ~ Subterranean Homesick Blues

Donovan ~ Sunny South Kensington

The Long Decline ~ Buckle Up And Join In Lad


The Black Angels ~ 18 Years

Roxy Music ~ Amazona

Pepe Deluxe ~ Last Of The Great Explorers

Grinderman ~ When My Baby Comes


J.E. Mainer & His Mountaineers ~ Shoot The Turkey Buzzard

Jon Wayne ~ But I've Got Texas

The Almighty Defenders ~ All My Lovin'

American Death Ray ~ Sweet Sensation

Holly Golightly ~ Any Way You Like It


Luis Bacalav ~ Montreal Non Stop

Barigozzi Group ~ Red Face

Hugo Montenegro ~ Moog Power

Group Inerane ~ Itrara

Beasts Of Bourbon ~ I'm So Happy I Could Cry

The Ventures ~ The Bat

Boss Hog ~ Sam


King Brothers ~ Oh Shit!

Mr. Airplane Man ~ Shakin' Around

Teengenerate ~ No Reason To Complain

Hippster Trio ~ Dance Around Man

Soul Unlimited ~ Sagittarius


Randy California ~ Rain



Bobby Graham ~ Zoom, Widge, And Wag

The Latinaires ~ Camel Walk

Laurie Johnson Orchestra ~ Theme From The Avengers

Leo Addeo Orchestra ~ My Little Grass Shack

Leni Okehu & His Surfboaders ~ Aloha Oe Away

Pop Drive Ltd. ~ Wild Jam


Richard C Sanders ~ Afrocat

Richard C Sanders ~ Electro Soul

Spencer Mac ~ Commuter

The Tony Hatch Orchestra ~ Out Of This World

The Webs ~ Give In

The Young Lovers ~ Come Home Baby


The Desert Sessions Vol IX ~ In My Head...Or Something

Leon Thomas ~ Shape Your Mind To Die

The End ~ Shades Of Orange

Marty Hill ~ Red Lips

Elmer Berstein ~ Big O

George Freeman ~ New Improved Funk


Orquesta Huambaly ~ Mambo Suave

Xavier Cugat ~ Say Si Si

Tommy Garret ~ El Choclo

RAIN ~ Whine And Wail

D.C.S. ~ Sheila-O-Sheila

The Cocktail Cabinet ~ Breathalyser


Las Cobras ~ The Time Has Come

Mind Meld ~ The Blizzard

MMOSS ~ Hedge Creeper

Moe Koffman ~ Anteater's Dance

Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band ~ Good Time Rhythm & Blues

The Mar-Keys ~ Squint Eye


Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys ~ Tsukuba-San

The Space Agency ~ Kaminari

Fred Flintstone & His Bedrock Beaters ~ Stone Age Rock

The Sharp Five ~ Golden Guitar

The Apollo ~ Track 10 (sorry it's in Chinese, can't read it)

Toshiaki Tsushima ~ Ape Society

The Savage ~ Space Express

Nicole Conte ~ Jazz Pour Dadine

Armando Travajoli ~ Little Shakie Girl

Rogerio Duprat ~ Percussion Highway



The Link Quartet ~ Lady Shave

Les Sparks ~ Palladium

Mario Molino ~ Shake Psycho

Marquez ~ Barahunda

Nick Ingman ~ Speedway

Sandro Brugnolini ~ Cromaton


Luther Ingram ~ I Spy (For The F.B.I.)

Sonny Charles ~ It's Alright In The City

The Fifth Revelation ~ Make Up Your Mind

Jovens Do Prenda ~ Farra Na Madrugada

The Uhuru Dance Band ~ Agbadza

Cedric Im Brooks ~ Idleberg


Tinariwen ~ ImidiwOn n-Okall

Koudede ~ Taghlamt

E GONE ~ Blind Tribe

Phoenician Drive ~ Fat Bill

Kikagaku Moyo ~ Trilobites

Erkin Koray ~ Dusunus


Kill West ~ Faces

The Desert Sessions Vol. 1 ~ Girl Boy Tom/Monkey In The Middle

Sundays & Cybele ~ Diaspora

Glowing Rain Family ~ Drifter's Devotion Pt 1

The Myrrors ~ Liberty Is In The Streets


Luis Bacalov ~ Rebus (Seq. 10)

Piero Umilani ~ Old Rock

Pedro Santos ~ Dual

Moe Koffman ~ Little Bitty Pretty One

Freddy King & Lula Reed ~ It's Easy Child

George Symonette & His Gombay Sextette ~ Wanna Do Nothing All Day


Green Pasteurs ~ I See No Reasons

The Apollo ~ Track 3 (sorry it's in Chinese, can't read it)

Jack Nitzsche ~ Baja

Cherry Wainer ~ Cerveza



Anton Garcia Abril ~ El Hombre Y La Tierra

Antonio Carlos & Jocafi ~ Deus O Salve

Hermeto Pascoal ~ Momento B-8

Monster Rally ~ Orchids

Philip Green & His Mayfair Orchestra ~ Baghdad Bazaar

Kenny Day ~ Sheik Of Morocco


Jerry Byrd ~ Steelin' The Blues

Davey Graham ~ Dallas Rag

The Elchords ~ Peppermint Stick

Gene Mckown ~ Little Mary

Artist Unknown ~ Je M' Ennuie

Hawkshaw Hawkins ~ Dog House Boogie


Allen Touissant ~ Last Train

Anthony & The Imperials ~ Grow

Andrew Wartts And The Gospel Storytellers ~ What Is The Name

Bobby & The Heavyweights ~ Soul Train

Betty LaVette ~ I Feel Good All Over

Bobby Garrett ~ Keep It Coming

Beat Mark ~ Acid Faces

Tashaki Miyaki ~ Facts Of Life

Betrayers ~ Belong Here Raga

Ty Segall ~ Mr. Face

La Hell Gang ~ Inside My Fall

WITCH ~ Look Out


Les Maledictus Sound ~ Transfer From The Modulation

Incredible Bongo Band ~ Raunchy '73

Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band ~ Getting It On

Neil Richardson ~ The Riviera Affair

The Budos Band ~ River Serpentine

Calibro 35 ~ S.P.A.C.E.


Charlie Adamson ~ Dance The Goombay

The Gaylads ~ The Soul Beat

Coupe Cloue Et Trio Select ~ La Vieux Negre

The Crystalites ~ Slippery

Green Pasteurs ~ In The Days Of Misery

Los Beta 5 ~ Beteando


Michel Polnareff & Annie Girardot ~ La Femme Aux Faux-Cils

Big Daddy Rucker ~Just Do Your Thing

Tammi Lynn ~ Mojo Hannah

The Flaming Souls ~ Admission

Titiek Puspa ~ Pergi Pergi Pergi

Titanic ~ Sultana



Evgeni Kantschev Quintet ~ Sonnebrand

Faine Jade ~ Introspection

Gloria ~ Howlin' Stones

The Wildebeests ~ Pleas Go Home

Kaviar Special ~ Come On

Dani ~ Je Travaille Autant Qu'un Garcon


Jorge Ben ~ Agora Ninguem Chora Mais

Teta Lando ~ Muato Wa N'Ginglia

Shankar & Jalkishan feat. Lata Mangeshkar & Manna Dey ~ 1956,1957,1958

Sheppard Sisters ~ Gone With The Wind

Tony Bruni ~ Piscaturella

Tony Presty Et Les Jeunes Phanteres ~ Satellite En Espace


Santos Junior ~ N'Gui Banza Mama

Dawn Penn ~ No, No, No

Hirut Beqele ~ Ewnetegna Feqer

David Ze ~ Uma Amiga

Juaneco Y Su Combo ~ Linda Nena

The Skatalites ~ Dick Tracy


Little Mary Staten ~ Steppin' Stone

Dennis Coffey ~ Iceberg's Theme

Friar Tuck ~ Fendabenda Ha Ha Ha

Kikagaku Moyo ~ Nobakitani

Koudede ~ Hat-Iman-In

E Gone ~ Hexx

Les Loups Noirs ~ Pele Rien

Les As De Petion-Ville ~ Relax

Lalo Schifrin ~ Ballad Of Cool Hand Luke

Nu-Sound Express One More Time, You All

Detroit Land Apples ~ I Need Help

Maurice ~ What I Got I Got


Hamidou Ouedraogo ~ Maan Nere

Delbon Johnson ~ Nassau Night



Betrayers ~ One Of Your Fools

Beat Mark ~ Contemporary Is Temporary

Bobby Fuller Four ~ Baby My Heart

Gene Clark ~ Echoes

The Paperhead ~ He's Mirrored

Paul Revere & the Raiders ~ It's Happening


Pietro Duchi ~ Yoyo Man

Sandro Brugnolini ~ Cirotil

Stephane Varegues Et Georges Van Parys ~ Le Salon De The

The Total Capacity ~ Who's Who

The Tropics ~ This Must Be The Place

Small Faces ~ Understanding


Os Kiezos ~ Combolo

Wganda Kenya ~ Shakalaode

Conjunto Barbacoa ~ Calambre

Super Jazz Des Jeunes ~ Lonin

The Termites ~ Rub Up Push Up

Leeroy Sibbles ~ Express Yourself


The Working Group ~ Young Amazzonia

Johnny Lundin Band ~ My Jig

A Sciascia C Anselmo ~ Shake Orientale

Gene Stridel ~ Let Her Go

Lloyd Prince Show Band ~ Ooh Pee Day

Jo Stafford ~ What A Feeling


Urbana de Castro ~ Kia Lomingo

Les Loups ~ Bebe Showman

The Eternals ~ Queen Of The Minstrels

Levis Verkys ~ Meca

Joe Lutcher ~ Ojai

Pedro Santos ~ Ritual Negro


Tashaki Miyaki ~ Girls on T.V.

Thee Oh Sees ~ Plastic Plant

The Third Sound ~ Oblivion Express

Beat Mark ~ Purple Glow

The Wheelers Of Oz ~ Mise En Scene



Joe South ~ Games People Play

Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band ~ Big City Funk

Memphis Black ~ I'm A Midnight Mover

101 Strings ~ Where Were You In 1982

Incredible Bongo Band ~ Last Bongo In Belgium

Fred Bongusto ~ Il Divorzio


The Back-Wash Rhythm Band ~ What Turns You On

The Bambi Molesters ~ Thundering Guitar

Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars ~ Mr. Eliminator

Jack Nitzsche ~ Puerto Vallarta

The Kickstands ~ Slow Ride South

The Invictas ~ Samoa


Las Cobras ~ Temporal

Hills ~ Bring Me Sand

Serge Gainsbourg ~ Melody

Lula Cortes & Ze Ramalho ~ Pedra Templo Animal

Marquez ~ Melao

Taiguara ~ Dois Animals Na Selva Suja Da Rua


Marcia Griffiths ~ Feel Like Jumping

Olufemi Ajasa ~ Aiye Le

Los Wembler's De Iquitos ~ Un Silbido Amoroso

Brentford Road All Stars ~ Greedy G

Tabu Ley Rochereau, Nico, Kwamy, l'African Fiesta ~ Seli Kutu

Freddy McGregor ~ Bobby Babylon


Tinariwen ~ TCnCrC TOqqOl

Orkes Kelana Ria ~ Semoga

Mustafa Ozkent Orchestra ~ Ayas

Mbaraka Mwinshehe ~ Bibi Wa Watu

Erkin Koray ~ Goca Dunya

Group Inerane ~ Itrara

S. Hazarasingh ~ Chhedo Na Dekho Na



Piero Umilliani ~ Young Time

Billy Strange & The Challengers ~ Bitter Taste Of Love

Link Wray ~ Hobo Man

Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass ~ Crazy Arms

Les Baxter ~ Travelin' Man

Lee Hazlewood ~ You Look Like A Lady


Kalyanji & Anandji ~ Theme From Don

Johnny Pearson ~ Block Buster

Kai Winding ~ Sukiyaki

John Cameron ~ Heavy Traffic

The Jordans ~ Happy Jose

Just Brothers ~ Sliced Tomatoes


Dennis Coffey ~ Hair & Grits

The Emotions ~ I Can't Stand No More Heart Ache

Henvick And His Gang ~ Do The Breakdown

The Heathen Blues ~ Up In The Air

Incredible Bongo Band ~ Ohkey Dokey

Sandy Nelson ~ Rebirth Of The Beat


Hills ~ Master Sleeps

Phoenician Drive ~ Two Coins For The Boatman

Ananda Shankar ~ Dancing Drums

Armando Travajoli ~ Masquerade

Skeewiff ~ Boogie Man Beats

Eddie Warner ~ Black Power


Daydream Machine ~ The Show Must Not Go On

La Femme ~ It's Time To Wake Up

La Hell Gang ~ Sweet Dear

Soundgarden ~ Flower

Cheater Slicks ~ Can't Explain

Ooga Boogas ~ Rich 'n' Me


Dimba Diangola ~ Fuma

Ferreira Do Nascimento ~ Macongo Me Chiquita

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