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Bootyscooter Fun Time Show!

with Sean

Saturdays from 2:00PM- 4:00PM

Spend a couple hours with your host Sean as he digs through his stacks of vinyl in search of the most fuzz damaged rawk, raw groove goodness, whiskey soaked country moaning, and whatever else he finds in there that strikes his fancy. Ol' timey possum huntin' sing-a-longs, 70's chase scene film scores, and opiate addled eastern drone can all be found here, as well as whatever the kids are listening to today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

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Enchanters ~ Tum-Tiki

Lennie Hibbert ~ Twilight Zone

Perez Prado ~ Tommy

Dom Salvador ~ Uma Vida

The Dave Pike Set ~ Middle Earth Herd

Charisma ~ Bizwambi


Davila 666 ~ Callejon

FIDLAR ~ Get Off My Back

The Almighty Defenders ~ All My Loving

Oblivians ~ Ride That Train

The Gospel Giants ~ Brother Noah

Kansas City Melodyaires ~ Don't Let It Be Too Late


The Hubbubs ~ Yellow Cat

Monterays ~ Avant De Beaucoup

Joe Loss & His Music ~ Warpaint

The Mitch Murray Clan ~ Cherokee

Jerry Jones ~ Trying Times

Jackie Mittoo ~ Best By Request


The Cramps ~ What's Inside A Girl?

The Honeymoon Killers ~ Trouble Comin' Every Day

Freddy Flinstone ~ A Night In Bedrock Forest

The Ethiopians ~ Owe Me No Pay Me

Erlon Chavez ~ Vamos Nos

Tony Mottola ~ I'm Henry VIII, I Am


Calender & His Maringer Band ~ Double Decker Buses

Frank Caulker~ And The Nugatone Band ~ Baby A Tire With You

Artist Unknown ~ Washing

Two Gun Smokey ~ Bush

Tommy McCook ~ The One I Love

Ty & Ed ~ Martinique Pt. 2


Twistin' Kings ~ Congo Pt. 2

The Terrifics ~ Loco

Teta Lando ~ Tia Chica

The Midas Touch ~ Sulphur Flowers

Spooky Tooth ~ Luger's Groove

The Link Quartet ~ Somebody Stole My Thunder


Chico Hamilton ~ Conquistadores '74

Lord Large ~ The Pouch

Ahmed Malek ~ La Ville Pt. 2

Lee Moses ~ Diana



FIDLAR ~ Almost Free

Brownout ~ I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Ni**A

Willie Mitchell ~ When My Dreamboat Comes Home

I Fantoms ~ Il Trionfo Diavolo

Pink Floyd ~ Lucy Leave

Sparrow Steeple ~ Roll Baby


The Wildebeests ~ Go Getter

Band Arulan ~ Seringit Dua Kupang

Al Simms Sextet ~ Slave Dance

Bruce Norman Quintet ~ Keeper Of The Sea

Lennie Hibbert ~ Gaiety

The Dave Pike Set ~ El-Die-Bie!


Davila 666 ~ Basura

The Almighty Defenders ~ I'm Coming Home

Curtis Knight ~ Eenee Meenee Minee Mo

Cymbeline ~ Mittuppslag

The Progressive Seekers ~ Western Drag

The Sound Defects ~ Theme From Iron Horse


Franco Micalizzi ~ Hot Spots

Tony Mottola ~ Old Devil Moon

Mystic Moods Orchestra ~ Ride The Sky

Cochemea ~ Al-Mu'tasim

Chim Kothari ~ Indian Bat

Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp ~ Swampwater Drive


FIDLAR ~ By Myself

The Liminanas ~ My Black Sabbath

The Kills ~ Keep On Your Mean Side

Travel Check ~ Feels Alright

JSBX ~ She's On It/Jack The Ripper

The Honeymoon Killers ~ Trouble Blues


Daltons ~ Dalton City

George Barnes ~ Bim Bam Boom

Teddy & The Clock Watchers ~ Kinky

George Bradley & His Band ~ Breakout

Armando Sciascia And His Orchestra ~ The World Tomorrow

Electric Sandwich ~ China



Artist Unknown~Almost To Tulsa

Pete Wade ~ Oriental Twist

Artist Unknown~Red's Ride

Blue Sky Boys ~ Dust On The Bible

L. Winter ~ The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow

Anglin Twins ~ Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies


The Daris Sisters ~ Foggy Mountain Top

Chet Atkins ~ Fright Train

Jim Reeves ~ My Lips Are Sealed

Leon McCauliff ~ Columbia Stockade

Slim Whitman ~ Birmingham Jail

Leon McCauliff ~ Sweetnin'


Bishop Daniels ~ Rock Daniels

Rev. Linston Triplett, Jr & The Triplett Singers ~ Jesus Is Living Today

Rev. Roger L. Worthy & His Sister Bonnie ~ Get Back Satan

Early Upchurch & Doris Kidd ~ I Cannot Bring Them Back

Grace & Peggy ~ How Great Is The Lord

Charlie Monroe's Boys ~ Joy Bells In My Soul


Buck Owens ~ Smooth Sailin'

Tex Ritter ~ Railroad Life

Jimmy Murphy ~ Electricity

Jerry Byrd ~ Hilo Steel Guitar

Marty Robbins ~ Lovely Hula Hands

Jerry Shook ~ In The Pines


Peter Drake ~ Abilene

Arthur Smith ~ Bonapartes Retreat

Shot Jackson ~ Fort Worth Drag

Crook Brothers ~ Ragtime Annie

Ralph Mooney w/ Johnny & Jonie Mosby ~ I'll Leave The Front Door Open

Dean Manuel ~ Maggie's Blues


Kessi Gardner ~ Big Daddy

Herb Remington ~ A Light Touch

Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass ~ Wabash Cannonball

Jenks Carmen ~ Hillbilly Hula

The Nashville String Band~Red Wing

Artist Unknown ~ Palomino Rag


Jerry Reed ~ Swarmin'

Artist Unknown~Dana's Tune

Don Bailey ~ Multiple Heartaches

Artist Unknown ~ O.J. Bounce

Don Gibson ~ I'm Movin' On

Wanda Jackson ~ Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello


Hank Snow ~ Jimmie The Kid

Sonny James ~ Something's Got A Hold On Me

Elton Britt ~ Detour

Curt & Faye Bartmess ~ Set Your Watch

Hal 'Lone' Pine ~ It's Goodbye & So Long To You

Red & Lige, The Turner Brothers ~ Matthew 24



Jean-Claude Vannier ~ Danses Des Mouches Noires Gardes Du Roi

Sugar Candy Mountain ~ Soak Up The City

Bernard Chabert ~ Il Part En California

Clubman ~ Vacancies

The Flowers, Jun Hashimoto,Tadao Inoue ~ Last Chance

Friar Tuck ~ Sweet Pea


Purple Image ~ Lady

Ray Davies ~ Heavy Water

Los Vagos ~ Mundos Diferentes

Los Loving Darks ~ No Quiero Llegar A Viejo

La Hell Gang ~ The Beginning Remains The End

Daydream Machine ~ Queen Of The Gas Station


Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp ~ Drivin' South

Bobby Charles ~ All The Money

Jim Ford ~ I'm Ahead If I Can Quit While I'm Behind

BB Seaton ~ I'm A Changed Man

Marcia Griffiths ~ Feel Like Jumping

The Fortnum ~ Look The Other Way


The Bill Parker Band ~ Sweet Potato

Shelton Dunaway & The Boogie Ramblers ~ Such As Love

Duke Reid ~ Joker

Dave "Baby" Cortez ~ The Happy Organ

Illinois Jacquet & His All Stars ~ Twelve Minutes To Go

Charlie Babcock ~ Baby Baby Baby


Reg Owen ~ Hula Twist

Jim Lowe ~ The Green Door

Johnny Jones & The King Casuals ~ Soul Poppin'

Lester Lanin Orchestra ~ Dizzy Dolly

Danny Michaels & The Rebel Playboys ~ Give The Ball To Calhoun

Fabulous Falcons ~ Casino


Dom Salvador ~ Uma Vida

Elkin & Nelson ~ Jibaro

Sound Experience ~ Blow Your Mind

The Memphians ~ Sliding In And Out

The Fifth Revelation ~ Make Up Your Mind

EjS Ltd ~ Blackbull



Mo'Hawk ~ Rumplestiltskin

Bernard Chabert ~ Une Plage Bordee De Cocotiers

Luis Bacalov ~ Take A Chance

Jean-Claude Vannier ~ Le Roi Des Mouches Et La Confiture De Rose

Jim Sullivan Sound ~ She Walks Through The Fair

The Flower Pot ~ Wantin' Ain't Gettin'


The I.L.Y.'s ~ Wash My Hands Shorty

The Honeymoon Killers ~ Jonestown Boogie

Holy Wave ~ Albequerque Freakout

The Wildebeests ~ Please Go Home

Travel Check ~ $66

Paul Jacobs ~ Story About Anything


Oblivians ~ Feel Alright

The Gories ~ Nitroglycerine

Apache Dropout ~ Sam Philips Rising

Cosmonauts ~ What Me Worry

Soundgarden ~ Flower

Hills ~ Kollectiv


Warm Drag ~ Sleepover

Pussy Galore ~ DWDA

Cheveu ~ Lola Langusta

The Spyrals ~ Such A Pain

Khana Bierblood ~ Bad Trip

Cheater Slicks ~ Look Out World


The Creation Factory ~ You Got It

Quintron ~ Banana Beat

Curtis Knight ~ Down In The Village

The All Night Workers ~ Why Don't You Smile Now

The Primitives ~ The Ostrich

Public Nuisance ~ Daddy's Coming Home


The Third Sound ~ Re-Elevation

The Desert Sessions Vol X ~ Creosote

Linda Gayle ~ Maggie's Farm

Leon Russell ~ Out In The Woods



O.P. Nayyar ~ Title Music

Chris Bruhn ~ Hurrikan

Kazi Aniruddha ~ Aao Twist Karen

The Jivin' Juniors ~ Hip Rub

Sir Harry with Jackie Mittoo & The Sound Dimension ~ Man Pon Spot

Silvestre Montez y sus Guantanameros ~ El Asvispon


Islanders ~ Forbidden Island

Sunil Ganguly ~ Ajhoon Na Aye

The Tides ~ Jamaica Farewell

Walter Bolen ~ Lion Hunt Pt. 2

Wrinkar Experience ~ Ballad Of A Sad Young Woman

Khana Bierblood ~ Plankton Bloom


Little Miss Peggy & The Bill Parker Band ~ Yellow Pants & Blue Suede Shoes

Big Walter & The Thunderbirds ~ Watusi Freeze Pt. 1

Rawicz & Landauer ~ Bahama Rumba

The Bill Parker Band ~ Busted

Lloyd & Glen ~ That Girl

The Jamaicans ~ Ba Ba Boom


The Daffodils ~ Organ Tornado

Artist Unknown ~ Asian Roots Dub

Ashton Savoy ~ Denga Denga

The Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians ~ Heading North

Tommy McCook ~ Liquidator

Royals ~ Surfing Lagoon


Sugar Candy Mountain ~ Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit

Burnt Ones ~ Mirror Too/ You & Me

Claude Engel ~ West Coast Memories

The Heliocentrics ~ The Trip

Kunihiko Murai ~ Yajugari


Koumei Sone ~ Futengurashi

Jovens Do Prenda ~ Merengue Aguenta A Prenda

Lecuona Cuban Boys ~ Tabu

Antonio Paulino ~ Joana No. 2

Macario Prudencia Y Continental Combo ~ Rabu

Martinho da Villa ~ Calango Longo

Masekeba & Belafonte ~ Train Song


Purple Image ~ Marching To A different Drummer



Bruce Johnston ~ Virginia Beach

Billy Strange & The Challengers ~ Sole Sole Sole

Billy Thope & The Aztecs ~ A Worried Man

BB Jones ~ The Real Thing

Earl Guest ~ Twistin' John

Francis Lai ~ The Bestial Theme


Khana Bierblood ~ Bad Trip

Betrayers ~ For The KIll

Creatures Choir ~ LSD

Shankar & Jalkishan feat. Mohd. Rafi ~ Jan Pahechan Ho

The Spacemen ~ Zan Yo Kouta

Thee Oh Sees ~ A Wall, A Century


Bo Dollis & The Wild Magnolia Mardis Gras Indian Band ~ Handa Wanda Pt. 1

Aubrey Twins ~ Poor Boy

Lee Moses ~ How Much Longer (Must I Wait)

Fuller Brothers ~ Don't Knock Me

James Booker ~ Next Time You See Me

Aaron Neville ~ A Hard Nut To Crack


Noir ~ Ju Ju Man

Dennis Coffey ~ Do Your Thang

Barry Davis ~ I Wish It Would Rain

Black Velvet ~ Peace & Love Is The Message

Amen Corner ~ *title illegible*

Ohio Express ~ Roll It Up


Liquid Smoke ~ Warm Touch

The Boozers ~ No No No

The Dave Clark 5 ~ Maze Of Love

Andre Brasseur ~ Speedy

Dick Rivers ~ J'ai Peur Du Jour

The Marmalade ~ Laughing Man


Warm Drag ~ Lost Time

The Psychcandies ~ We Are Freaks

Sacred Shrines ~ Trail To Find

The Navajos ~ Cars & Chicks

John Canoe ~ Chinese Take Away

Goldenloki ~ Flores Mais Acidas


Cave ~ Beaux



Band Arulan ~ Ibung Ibung

Bruce Johnston ~ Jersey Channel Islands (Part 7)

The Monarchs ~ El Bandito

Os Bongos ~ Pachanga Maria

Macario Prudencia Y Continental Combo ~ Cadushi

Marinas E Sua Gente ~ Matuto


Sir Joblanski ~ Big Confusion

Gerard Valton ~ Bei Me A Present

Tommie "Ace" Carruthers ~ Cumana Boogie

Fonseca & Ses Anges Noires ~ Mambo Loco

Jim Lowe ~ The Little Man In Chinatown

The Apollo ~ Track 2 (sorry it's in Chinese, can't read it)


Les Lutins ~ Les Yeux Fermes

The Hubbubs ~ Yellow Cat

Les Maledictus Sound ~ Radio Pirate Program

Sounds Incorporated ~ Grab This Thing

The Shells ~ Whiplash

The Diamonds ~ Skin Beat


Curtis Knight ~ See No Evil

King Coleman ~ Down In The Basement

J.J. Jackson ~ Oo-Ma-Liddi

Henry Stevens ~ Limo Limonero

The Waikikis ~ Pacific Punch

Benny Kalama ~ Na 'Lii


Jim Ford ~ No Talkin'

Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. ~ Snake Eyed

Ouzo Bazooka ~ Scheherazade's Dance

Phoenician Drive ~ Kraken Doesn't Crack a Crocodile

Cyril Cyril ~ Sous La Mer C'est Calme

The Man From RavCon ~ Atalaya


Googie Rene ~ Rebecca

The Emperors ~ Lookin' For My Baby

William Bell ~ Eloise (Hang On In There)

The Equals ~ The Skies Above

The Eyes ~ You're Too Much

Kennie Parchman ~ Treat Me Right


Cave ~ Aharaha

Som Imaginario ~ Pantera

Elly Kasim & Band Electrica ~ Malereng

Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band ~ Shambhala Signal



George Barnes ~ When Yuba Plays The Rumba On The Tuba

Les Lutins ~ Girl

Swinging Soul Machine ~ Take Your Time

Som Imaginario ~ Morse

Illusion Of Groove ~ Ghost Trip

Ivy Jo ~ I Can Feel The Pain


The Jacks, Keikichi Usei, B. Schnare ~ Omae Ni Muchu Sa

The Flowers, Jun Hashimoto,Tadao Inoue ~ Last Chance

The Marquees ~ Can It Be Wrong

Takeshi Terauchi & The Blue Jeans ~ Fukagawa

Tommy McCook ~ The Saint

Fleetwoods ~ Ska Light Ska Bright


Casimir Letang ~ Menage Chalvire

Os Kiezos ~ N'gola

Black Czar ~ Rookoombey

Kike Subia Y Su Conjunto ~ Imperio Rios

Macario Prudencia Y Continental Combo ~ Bros-Bros

Jovens Do Prenda ~ Bolero Do Prenda


The Clangers ~ Beautiful Baby

Cookin' On 3 Burners ~ Cressy St. Breakdown

John Fitch & Associates ~ Stoned Out Of It

Lucky Brown & The S.G.'s ~ Pauraque

Man From Spectre ~ Soul No.1

Syd Dale ~ Boogaloo


Hills ~ Death Will Find A Way

Mountain Movers ~ Snow Drift

The Kundalini Genie ~ Gammy Leg

Phoenician Drive ~ Bicky Beach

En Attendant Ana ~ Night

Claire Lepage & Compagnie ~ Les Chemins De L'amour


Sadistic Mika Band ~ Nanika Ga Umi Wo Yatte Kuru

Alceu Valenca & Geraldo Azevedo ~ Mister Misterio

Tadashi Kinoshita ~ Jigoky No Tenshi Akai Bakuon

Marconi Notaro ~ Anthropologica

Stomu Yamash'ta's Red Buddha Theatre ~ Awa Odori

The Heliocentrics ~ Uptown Street Scene

JJ Johnson ~ Across 110th Street



April ~ Help

Spirit Of Voodoo ~ Voodoo Juju Obsession Pt 1

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings ~ Genuine

Speedometer ~ At The Speakeasy

Effi Duke & The Love Family ~ Know Thyself

Antonio Paulino ~ Lale


The Clangers ~ Dance Of The Clangers

Jovens Do Prenda ~ Bolero Do Prenda

Lady Trixie ~ Baptism

Kike Subia Y Su Conjunto ~ El Diabolico

Erion Chaves ~ Procura-Se Uma Virgem,Prefixo

Brother Soul ~ Feelin' Funky


Keith Mievhu ~ The Bad Will Die

Curtis Knight ~ Lena

Eye Q ~ Making Life Out Of Music

The Emperors ~ Searchin'

The Equals ~ Softly, Softly

Variations ~ What A Mess


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs ~ GNT

Warm Drag ~ Cruisin' The Night

Phoenician Drive ~ Almadraba

Cyril Cyril ~ Le Vide

Mogollar ~ Ilgaz

Jess Sah Bi & Peter One ~ Katin


Joseph Lacides ~ Citation Creole

Artur Nunes ~ Ana N'Gola La Dilla

Wille Mitchell ~ It's Dance Time

Black Velvet ~ African Velvet

Root & Jenny Jackson ~ Save Me

Rudy Robinson & The Hungry Five ~ Got It Together (Parts 1 & 2)


The Kundalini Genie ~ Room One

The Blank Tapes ~ Everything Will Fall In Place

Acid Baby Jesus ~ Vile Man



Curtis Knight ~ Down In The Village

Willie Mitchell ~ Buster Browne

The Apples ~ Let The Groove Move You

The Jokers ~ Carioca

The Marketts ~ Napolean's Solo

Grupo 606 ~ Busco Un Camino


Lorrie Collins ~ Blues In The Night

The Oxfords ~ I Ain't Done Wrong

The Righteous Brothers ~ Koko Joe

The Rolling STones ~ Off The Hook

Don Covey & The Goodtimes ~ Watching The Late Late Show

Israel "Popper Stopper" Tobert with The C A Warren Players ~ Big Leg Woman (With A Short Mini Skirt)


Atur Nunes ~ Uaue Mua N'Gola

Joseph Lacides ~ Yo Ka Biguine

Os Kiezos ~ Combolo

Tino St. Val ~ Mam'zelle Cancan

Kike Subia Y Su Conjunto ~ La Jorbaita

Jess Sah Bi & Peter One ~ Clipo Clipo


Os Bongos ~ Avo Mariana

Mesut Aytunca Ve Siluetieri ~ Bir Dost Bulamadim

Mdou Mocktar ~ J'ai Pas Le Choix

Cyril Cyril ~ Colosse de Rhodes

Effi Duke & The Love Family ~ Time Is Come

Gabby Siarras ~ Moana


The Limp Twins ~ Another Day In The Life Of Mr. Jones

Fuller Brothers ~ Moaning, Groaning And Crying

KIng Curtis ~ Jay Walk

Orasio Garcia & Young Musicians Aware ~ Outer Space Pt 1

Lucky Brown & The S.G's ~ Lone Heart

Lord Large ~ Stuck In A Wind Up


Adriano Celentano ~ Prisencolinesinainciusol

The Deacons ~ Sock It To Me

Al De Lory ~ A Different Kind Of Rock

Mustafa Ozkent Orchestra ~ Burkak

Big Jim Sullivan ~ LTTS

Byron Lee And The Dragonaires ~ Jamaica Farewell

Captain Cook & Seine Singenden ~ Vaya Con Dios



Monte Kelly ~ Amalia

Third Avenue Cellars ~ Ka Marao

Fonseca & Ses Anges Noires ~ Sans Chemise, Sans Pantolon

Jimmy Masuluke ~ Mamabolo

Ralph Materie ~ Caravan

Les B3 ~ Maman Ne Repond Pas


The Cords ~ Termites

Les Surfs ~ Uh Huh

Tom Jones ~ The Lonely One

Sweet Feeling ~ Ask Me If I'm Ready

Diana & Les Pygmees ~ Ne Siffle Plus

The Cousins ~ Title Illegible


Episode Six ~ Jack D'Or

The British Lion Orchestra ~ Big Bare Beat

Stoned Soul Picnic ~ Hipjoint

The Metro-Tones ~ Get Together

Duralcha ~ Ghetto Funk

The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. ~ Beautiful Stranger


Slift ~ Heavy Road

Minami Deutsch ~ I've Seen A UFO

Las Cobras ~ Temporal

Cyril Cyril ~ Sayyara

Tinariwen ~ Arhegh Ad AnnOgh

Group Inerane ~ Ikabkaban


Frank Hunter ~ Ritual Of The Torches

Sam Makia & His Waikikians ~ Sweet Leilani

Bill Alex & The Dixie Drifters ~ I'm Just A Nobody

Eddie Lund & His Tahitians ~ Tiare

Owen Gray ~ Midnight Track

Jules Ah See & The Village Men ~ Hula Heaven


Johnny Pineapple ~ Pretty Mermaid Of The Southern Sea

Roy New & The Trans-Pecos Melody Boys

Byron Lee And The Dragonaires ~ Joy Ride

The Surfers ~ Leahi

Jimmy Pickard ~ I Got Another Love

David Kelli ~ Hapa Haole Hula Girl


Peace ~ Black Power

Paul Ngozi ~ Anasoni



Karl Denver ~ Wimoweh

Boy Santos & The Glenmores ~ On The Beach

Noel Brown ~ Heartbreak Girl

Lyn Taitt And The Jets ~ Why Did You Leave Me

The 5 Royales ~ I Need Your Lovin' Baby

The Fontanas ~ Feel So Bad


The Tornados ~ Jungle Fever

Lord Flea & Calypsonians ~ Shake Shake Senora

Los Bingos ~ Pa Mexico Yo Arrange

The Chakachas ~ Chip Chip Batalu

Los Bingos ~ Sabena

Fonseca & Ses Anges Noires ~ O El Cha Cha


Trash Monkeys ~ Clubtown

The Apemen ~ Bongo Bongo

Calvin Carter ~ The Roach

The Eventuals ~ Just The Things That You Do

Ivan ~ Real Wild Child

The Metallics ~ Itchy Twitchy Too


Cyril Cyril ~ La Ville

Serge Gainsbourg ~ Melody

3 Balls Of Fire ~ Beneath Mexican Stars

King Sporty ~ DJ Special

Kaiwaza ~ Hawaiian Holiday

Johnny Poi & His Surfboaders ~ Tahu Wahu Wahi


The Beat Tornados ~ Spy vs Spy

Vernon Harrel ~ Slick Chick

Derrick Morgan ~ Lover Boy

The Nobletones ~ Calypso Bay

Laurel Aitkin ~ Boogie In My Bones

Ken Karen ~ Nature Boy


Slift ~ Fearless Eye

Brace! Brace! ~ Whales

Paul Jacobs ~ Different Song

Dubi Dolczek ~ Imagine How

E GONE ~ Fast Before Stalker Season

Erkin Koray ~ Turku

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics ~ Fire In The Zoo

Lucky Brown & The S.G.'s ~ Mother Corn Stalk



Aubrey Twins ~ Love Without End Amen

The Equals ~ Green Light

The Ugly Beats ~ Bee Line

Los Albas ~ Bugulu

The New Mastersounds ~ Give Me A Minute (Part 1)

Nick Perito ~ Oh! Calcutta


Swutscher ~ Burnout Boogie

Jesus Sons ~ Outlaw Women

Jim Ford ~ Spoonful

Jim Dickinson ~ Judgement

Jimmy Snyder & The Western Band ~ Don't Slam The Door

Norma McCall with The Smiley Davis Band ~ The Next Time I See You


The Norma Jean Baker's Underwear ~ Rifle Bob

Mr. Airplane Man ~ Make You Mine

Tequila Savate ~ Lollypop

Pussy Galore ~ Hang On

Red Money ~ Lies

The Liminanas ~ I Know There's An Answer


Minami Deutsch ~ Tangled Yarn

Kikagaku Moyo ~ Dawn

Warm Drag ~ Parasite Wreckage Dub

The Heliocentrics ~ Chase Scene

Pete Rugulo ~ Minor Riff

Jacqueline Taieb ~ Heures du Matin


The Soul Snatchers ~ Get Yourself Together

Poets Of Rhythm ~ More Mess On My Thing

Syd Dale ~ Disco Tek

The Quartertones ~ Caffeine

Soul Tornadoes ~ Go For Yourself

Ramsey Lewis ~ Why Am I Treated So Bad


Hills ~ Och Solen Sankte Sig Rod

Holy Wave ~ Albuquerque Freakout

The Spyrals ~ Such A Pain



The Meters ~ Soul Island

Mini Vip ~ Block

The Movers ~ A Groovy Night

Tommy McCook ~ Jump And Prance Shuffle

King Curtis ~ Linda

Lucky Brown & The S.G.'s ~ Taterbug


Junior Biles ~ Festival Da Da

Pierre Blain Et Orchestre Murat Pierre ~ Jouc Li Jou

The Soul Brothers ~ Soho

Super Jazz Des Jeunes ~ Cote Moune Yo

Lynn Taitt & The Jets ~ Soul Shot

Ensemble Etoile Du Soir ~ Messe Quatre Heures


Burt Blanca ~ Beach Blues

Rob E.G. ~ Soul

Felix Slatkin ~ Turkish Bath

The Watusi Warriors ~ Kalahari

Gary Hoey ~ Namotu Moon

Jess Sah Bi & Peter One ~ Our Garden Needs Its Flowers


Minami Deutsch ~ Tunnel

Wooden Shjips ~ Staring At The Sun

The Blank Tapes ~ Candy

Warm Drag ~ End Times

The Meek ~ You

Psychic Ills ~ Might Take Awhile


Monster Rally ~ Flight To The Jungle (Landing)

Dubi Dolczek ~ Nice To Meteor

Pablo Mendez & Orchestra ~ Guaglione

Ernest Ranglin ~ Ranglypso



Warm Drag ~ Sleepover

Exploded View ~ Summer Came Early

Bare Mutants ~ Inside My Head

Hills ~ Anukthai Is Here

Dynastie Crisis ~ Faust '72

Brainbox ~ Amsterdam,The First Days


The Aquamen ~ Blue Hawaii

Boots Brown ~ Cerveza

The Space Agency ~ Yellow Pearl

Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant ~ Comin'On

Richie Allen Orchestra ~ In A Persian Market

Les Makueson ~ Makueson's Song


Jess Sah Bi & Peter One ~ Solution

Rail Band ~ Sinsimba

Charanjit Singh ~ Leka Ham Diwana Dil

Derrick & Pauline Morgan ~ Never Miss The Water

Xavier Cugat Orchestra ~ Cuca

Desmond Tucker & Los Caballeros ~ Press On


The Dingle Brothers ~ I Don't Care

The 5 Royales ~ Thirty Second Lover

Lynn Taitt & The Jets ~ Pressure And Slide

Bruno & The Brunos ~ Urlo Rock

Frank Virtue ~ Highland Guitar

Sam & The Saxtones ~ Typhoon


Rita Pavone ~ Balla Balla Con Noi

LIncoln Chase ~ Miss Orangutang

Petula Clark ~ L' Agent Secret

Grady Martin ~ Don't Worry

Emery Counard ~ Why Me Craf Vex With Me

Dave And Ansel Collins ~ Point Blank


Nancy Holloway ~ Tu N'es Pas Venu

Nashville Five ~ More Like Nashville

Delirium ~ Deleriana

Smashing Time ~ They've Gone And Done It

Brownout ~ I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Ni**A

The Budos Band ~ Adeniji


The All Night Workers ~ Why Don't You Smile Now

Fleetwood Mac ~ Danny's Chant

Al Lover/Captain Beefheart ~ Sure "Nuff Yes, I Do



Simon & Garfunkel ~ We've Got A Groovy Thing

Shadows Of Knight ~ Shake

The Shadows ~ Scotch On The Rocks

The Gentrys ~ Silky

Scott Hirsch ~ Loss Of Forgetfulness

Shark Quest ~ Chicken Strings


Smoove ~ Hammond

Soul Partners ~ Spead

Dave Hamilton ~ Pisces Pace

Steve Gray ~ Go For Broke

Syd Dale ~ The Groupie

Steve Gray ~ Running From Danger


Leo Clarens ~ Travadja La Moukere

Roberto Seto ~ Amalia Batista

Westonians ~ Costa Brava

Terorotua & Ses Tahitiens ~ To To Toe

Annie Cordy ~ Jane La Tarzane

Hugo Blanco ~ Orquidea Arabe


Marketts ~ Cobra

Amigos ~ Chinese Templedans

Marpessa Dawn Samba D'Orphee

Bill Humber & His Hula Kings ~ Hula Hoop Song

Bill Halley & His Comets ~ Skokiaan

Dave Barbour ~ Harlem Mambo


The In Crowd ~ Old MacDonald

Les Problemes ~ Dodecaphonie

Henri Salvador ~ Carnaby Street

Les Charlots ~ J'ai Oublie Bon Bouchoir

The Equals ~ The Skies Above

Terry Reid ~ Season Of The Witch


Bradipos IV ~ Titoli

Langhorns ~ The Vice Of Killing

Duane Eddy ~ Lost Island

Ernest Ranglin ~ Surfin'

The Ethiopians ~ Train To Glory

The Flaming Souls ~ Soul Bag


Traxter ~ Glandular Fever

Cafe Con Leche ~ The Land Of Light

Jon & Robin ~ Love Me Baby

Don Fardon ~ DReaming Room

Females ~ Talik Kum Bang Djat

Mystic 5 & The Explosions ~ Girls Get Out The Way, Let A Woman In

The 5 Royales ~ Don't Give More Than You Can Take



Hills ~ Kollectiv

Minami Deutsch ~ Tangled Yarn

La Hell Gang ~ The Beginning Remains The End

Kikagaku Moyo ~ Smoke And Mirrors

Orient Express ~ Layla

Group Inerane ~ Deran Deran


Paul Jacobs ~ Story About Anything

Connections ~ Good Cop

The Blank Tapes ~ It's In My Mind

Delfini ~ Najijepsa Kuca Na Prodaju

Demjen Ferenc ~ Szivj Friss Levegot

Grupa 220 ~ Covjek Bubanj


The Klan ~ Nobody Will Ever Help You

Galt MacDermot ~ Prison Life

Jacques Denjean ~ Mickey's Monkey

Michael Poinareff ~ Time Will Tell

The Classels ~ Perdu

Jacques Denjean ~ La Route


Tamoure ~ Te Manu Pukarua

Les Kaveka ~ Vana Vana

Byron Lee And The Dragonaires ~ Dumplins

Joe Keawe & His Harmony Hawaiians ~ Hookipa Paka

Derrick Morgan ~ I Pray For You

Tommy McCook ~ Liquidator


Homer Denison Orchestra ~ Fire Island

Henry Segers ~ Caravan

Leo Clarens ~ Cha Cha Cha Au Harem

Jackie Mouliere ~ Lam' Di Lam

Phil Flowers & TNT Tribble ~ The Dances

Joe Simon & The Eugene Blacknells Band ~ Just Like Yesterday


Norma Jean ~ No Competition

Eldridge Holmes ~ Humpback

Little Ann ~ Going Down A One Way Street

Betty Harris ~ I'm Gonna Git Ya

Lee Moses ~ Never In My Life

Julius Brockington ~ Rock Steady



Dorothy Berry ~ Shindig City

Sinner Strong (Joyce Holden) ~ Don't Knock It

The Funk Brothers ~ Runaway Child, Running Wild

The Consolers ~ Children Keep On Marching

The Trumpetaires ~ Glory Bound Train

Marion Gaines Singers ~ It Will Soon Be Over


Aubrey Adams & Rico Rodriguez ~ Stew Peas And Cornflakes

Cem Karaca ~ Anadolu Oyun Havasi

The Apollo ~ Track 9 (From Hong Kong Fascination)

Byron Lee And The Dragonaires ~ Slow Run

Carl Dawkins ~ Rodney's History

The Jaguars ~ Chrisi Vrohi


The Past Present Organisation ~ Itchy Feet (Short Hop Mix)

Sugarman 3 ~ Soul Barrio Part 2

Jay Hodge ~ Goatsville

The Shan-Tones ~ Sheeb

The Lon-Genes ~ Show Me How To Hunch Like That

Baby Earl & The Trini-Dads ~ Back Slop


The Blank Tapes ~ Paradise

The Valderamas ~ He's Back

Slift ~ Fearless Eye

Black Lizard ~ Black Shadow

Bong Wish ~ In The Sun

The Brian Jonestown Massacre ~ All Around You (Outro)


L'Eclair ~ Sisi La Fami

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics ~ Chik Chikka

Jimmy McGriff ~ Ain't It Funky Now

Syd Dale ~ Lucky Seven

Nashville Five ~ Like Nashville

James Taylor Quartet ~ Car Chase


Brownout ~ Shut Em Down

Third Point ~ Welfare Line

The Mar-Keys ~ Black

Christine McVie ~ And That's Saying A Lot

Black Merda ~ Reality

Gal Costa ~ Vou Recomecar


Lafayette Afro-Rock Band ~ Oglenon



Earth Girl Helen Brown ~ Tommy D And The Atomic B

Maitreya Kali ~ Color Fantasy

The Artwoods ~ Down In The Valley

The Namelosers ~ Susie Q

Nashville Five ~ Stand Up And Say That

Amedeo Tommasi ~ Fashion Beat


The Churchills ~ Song From The Sea

Janko Nilovic ~ Mornings

Mr. Brooks ~ The Family

Phoenix ~Totusi Sunt Ca Voi

The Pies ~ Toss And Pot

Reverend Cleatus & The Soul Saviours ~ Hash Cakes


The Ugly Beats ~ Maximum Bumble

Roy Rutanen ~ Sinful Man

Oblivians ~ What's The Matter Now

The Meditation Singers ~ I've Done Wrong

Wright Specials ~ Ninety-Nine And A Half Won't Do

The Prince Royals ~ Like It Like It


Byron Lee And The Dragonaires ~ My Pussin

The Tides ~ Jamaica Farewell

Bill Halley & His Comets ~ Drowsy Waters

Vincent Bell ~ Auburn

The Rondels ~ Back Beat No. 1

Lyn Taitt And The Jets ~ You Have Caught Me


Quarteto 1111 ~ Ababilah

3 Hur-El ~ Omur Biter Yol Bitmez

Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. ~ Black Tank

The Carnabeats ~ Omanaeni Muchusa

Lord Luther & The Counts ~ Tough

The Chessmen ~ The Bird Train


The Blank Tapes ~ Feels Like Summer

RF Shannon ~ Tooth Ache

Nino Ferrer ~ Hot Toddy

Primitives ~ YeeeeeeeH!

Breakout ~Masz Na Czas

The Brian Jonestown Massacre ~ Caress

Pretty Lightning ~ Tangerine Steam



Mozes & The Firstborn ~ Baldy

The Brian Jonestown Massacre ~ B.S.A.

Lou Reed ~ Leave Me Alone

Rancho Relaxo ~ Spooky Satisfaction

The Third Sound ~ Re-Elevation

The Wands ~ Spell My Name


The New Mastersounds ~ 102%

Black Merda ~ Over And Over

Cymande ~ Brothers On The Side

Blacktop ~ She's Mine, All Mine

Black Magic ~ Surfin' Gypsy

Blue Effect ~ Sun Is So Bright


Som Imaginato ~ Morse

Trade Martin ~ Heavy Rock At O.J.

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics ~ Esketa Dance

Jackie Mittoo & Tommy McCook ~ Militant Salute At Tubbys

Jerry Goldsmith ~ Galaxy A Go-Go!

Jacques Dutronc ~ A La Queue Les Yverlines


Joe Higgs ~ Don't Mind Me

Los Santos ~ Saturno 2000

King Solomon ~ The Moon Walk

The Gories ~ Makin' Love

Los Walkers ~ Dinde Esta Miss Lee Los Sabados

Mystic Moods Orchestra ~ Astral Trip


Oblivians ~ Feel Alright

Rev. Chas Glover ~ Waiting And Watching

The Soul Seekers ~ Somethings Got A Hold On Me

Louise McCord ~ You'd Better Get A Move On

Bobby Bland ~ Yield Not To Temptation

Shirley Anne Lee ~ There's A Light


Hills ~ Bring Me Sand

Kikagaku Moyo ~ Kodama

Wooden Shjips ~ Already Gone



Brownout ~ Louder Than A Bomb

Petrus Castrus ~ Batucada Vulgaris

Sonny ~ Motel 1

Black Merda ~ Cynthy-Ruth

Floyd Morris ~ A Mellow Mood

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics ~ Blue Nile


Shtourtsite ~ S Kitara Po Sveta

I Fantoms ~ Il Trionfo Diavolo

Teddy Lasry ~ Yellow Mood

Luis Bacalov ~ Summertime Killer

Orquesta Antonio Latore ~ Bajamar

Brian Bennett ~ Aim High


The Royal Sons ~ The Bedside Of A Neighbor

KIng Hannibal ~ The Truth Shall Make You Free

Dave Hamilton ~ Going To The Moon

Tommy McCook ~ Sound & Soul

Byron Lee And The Dragonaires ~ Satisfaction

The Invaders ~ Look A Py Py


LOs Flippers ~ Fliprotesta

Katarzyna Sobcyck ~ Tryznastego

Serpent Power ~ Don't You Listen To Her

Oko ~ Baj Baj

Sirin ~ Sevgili Golgem

Elektro Hafiz ~ John Dere (Fedayi Pacha Dubmix)


George Barnes ~ Bluetail Buzz

Ernest Ranglin ~ Tico Tico

Shark Quest ~ Baii

Steve Gunn ~ House Of Knowledge

The Texas Gentlemen ~ Habbie Doobie

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs ~ The Only One


Nino Ferrer ~ Moses

The Interns ~ Soul Drippin'

Hilton Felton ~ Your Analysis

Mexican Revolution ~ Soul Searching

Roy Montelongo ~ Philly Dog



Byron Lee And The Dragonaires ~ VC 10 Calypso

King Curtis ~ Snake Eyes

Ramsey Lewis ~ Soul Man

Aaron Neville ~ Waiting At The Station

Bobby Charles ~ Who's Sorry Now

Bunker Hill ~ You Can't Make Me Doubt My Baby


Brownout ~ Don't Believe The Hype

The Budos Band ~ Eastbound

Timothy McNealy ~ Sagitarious Black

Dave Hamilton ~ The Deacons

Soulful Two ~ Fi-Yi Dance

Khruangbin ~ The Man Who Took My Sunglasses


Bernard Estardy ~ Pussy Ring

The Electronic Concept Orchestra ~ Feelin Alright

Sunwatchers ~ Silent Boogie

Duralcha ~ Ghetto Funk

The Peppers ~ Bringing It Down

Blockbusters ~ Moody


You Said Strange ~ Cold Crusader

Helicon ~ Seraph

The I.L.Y.'s ~ Wash My Hands Shorty

Narassa ~ Linotype

Brian Bennett ~ Keep Truckin'

The London Studio Group ~ The Wild One


Cliff Nash ~ Bandstand

Ohio Untouchables ~ YourLove Is Amazing

Ken Parker ~ Search Is Over

The Travelling Echoes ~ I'd Like To Know

Bobby & Val ~ Word Sound

The Downbeats ~ China Doll


Adolfo Echeverria Y Su Conjunto ~ Sabroso Bacalao

Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers ~ Voodoo Moon

Ti Celeste ~ Popilation Basse

Mighty Panther ~ Mighty Panther

Monk Higgins ~ What Fah

The Mar-Keys ~ Philly Dog

Elmer Bernstein ~ Diggin'


Fort Mudge Memorial Dump ~ Crystal Forms



Noriel Vilela ~ So o Ome

Vicky Et L'Orchestre O.K. Jazz ~ Ah Bolingo Pasi

Odmenn ~ Ord, Mord

Slim Smith ~ The Time Has Come

Unidades ~ Caballo Salvaje

Los Crich ~ All Strung Out Over You


Gabriel ~ Marlis

Ouzo Bazooka ~ Yolar

Mogollar ~ Dag Ve Cocuk

Frank Zappa w/The Michael Douglas Orchestra

Khruangbin ~ Little Joe & Mary

Gasper Lawal ~ Kita Kita


Hills ~ Master Sleeps (Live At Roadburn)

Jimi Hendrix Curtis Knight ~ Get That Feeling

Shocking Blue ~ Acka Raga

Donovan ~ Wild Witch Lady

Wynder K. Frog ~ Green Door

Fred Flintstone & His Bedrock Beaters ~ Stone Age Rock


Bee Bee Sea ~ Sonic Boomerang

Beat Mark ~ Purple Glow

The Checkmates ~ Interpol

The Apollo ~ Track 1 (sorry it's in Chinese, can't read it)

Slacktone ~ Longboard Legato

Takeshi Terauchi & The Blue Jeans ~ Dan No Ura (The Story Of The Heishi)


Claude Engle ~ Belle Gueuse

L'Eclair ~ L'Internationale Prog (Part @)

Arpino ~ African King

Sandro Brugnolini ~ Vortice

I Pulsar ~ Cat Theme



Jimmy McCracklin ~ The Drag

Brentford All Stars ~ Race Track

The Starlighters ~ Creepin'

The Capris ~ Limbo

Jake Porter ~ Way Out East

The Gestics ~ Invasion


Ahmed Malek ~ Tape 19.11

Aller Soto Con Su Grupo 74 ~ De Africa Soy

Orquestra Afro Brasileira ~ Calunga

Willie Bobo ~ Mating Call

Les Baxter ~ Jalaba

Monster Rally ~ Sunshine


Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant ~ Blue Bonnet Rag

Roy Counts with The Oklahoma Playboys ~ I Ain't Got No Blues

Marty Robbins & Ray Connif ~ A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation)

Carl Smith ~ Why, Why?

Bonnie Guitar ~ Dark Moon

Sol Hoopli Trio ~ Palolo


Mable John ~ Running Out

Wendy Rene ~ Bar-B-Q

Carol Jones ~ Don't Destroy Me

Dee Dee Warwick ~ Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself

The Raelets ~ One Room Paradise

The JB's ~ Use Me


The Vandells ~ I See Everything

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile ~ Outta The Woodwork

The Murlocs ~ Wolf Creep

Jesus Sons ~ Blowin' Down The Line

Jim Ford ~ Chain Gang

Bobby Charles ~ Street People


Lynn Taitt & The Jets ~ The Brush

Jackie Mittoo & Winston Wright ~ Pretty Place

Tommy McCook ~ Joy Ride

Eddie & The DeRavelons ~ Baby Dumplins

Tiny Fuller ~ Catwalk

Gabriel & The Angels ~ The Rooster


The Mourning Reign ~ Our Fate

Curtis Knight ~ Hornet's Nest

Ken Jones ~ Chicken Pie

Little Stevie Wonder ~ Monkey Talk

Classie Ballou ~ Classie's Whip

Champs ~ Beatnik



Don Gardner ~ My Baby Likes To Boogaloo

Alex Harvey ~ Shakin' All Over

The Shardells ~ Black Crack

Hop Wilson & His Chickens ~ Chicken Stuff

The Raymarks ~ Dr. Feelgood

The Eternals ~ Rock 'n' Roll Cha-Cha


Round Robin ~ Slauson Shuffletime

James Govan ~ Jambolyia

Oscar & The Majestics ~ Soul Finger

Freddy KIng ~ The Stumble

The Ambertones ~ Cruise

The Furys ~ Zing Went The Strings


Ray Martin ~ Harlem Dreams

Xavier Cugat ~ Anna

Fernando Orteu ~ Solos Tu Y Yo

Luis Bacalov ~ Shake

Conjunto Nueva Onda ~ Golden Soul

Teenage Lovers ~ Last Hope


Black Mekon ~ Salt Liquor

Pussy Galore ~ DWDA

The Kills ~ Fried My Little Brains

Courtney Barnettt ~ How To Boil An Egg

HOLY ~ Heard Her

Magic Potion ~ Rest Yr Skull


Jim Ford ~ Long Road Ahead

Del Shannon ~ River Cool

The Desert Sessions VI ~ Like A Drug

Hajime Kaburagi ~ Yasagure Anego Den

Laurie Johnson ~ Mi

Laxmikant Pyarelal ~ Chai Re Doli


Omar Khorshid ~ Ah Ya Zen

Ozel Turkbas ~ Ozel's Dance Routine

Ronnie Von ~ Pare de Sonhar Con Estrelas Distantes

Pete Best ~ The Way I Feel

Richard Moore ~ Good Dirty And Hard To Beat

George E. Johnson ~ Wake Me Up


Monster Rally ~ Giant Leaves

Peret ~ Si Fulano

Noriel Vilela ~ Promessado

Brentford All Stars ~ Moon Ride

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